Intuitive Development

With Laura Mirante

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~ Intuitive ~ Soulful ~ Living Classes are forming ~


This is a 6 session introduction to working with the pendulum series done in small groups

(4-7people) taught primarily by spirit guides channeled through Laura.

Each session is tailored specifically for each person by spirit as the classes come together to guide each person on how to identify and expand their own intuitive connection.

The pendulum is an excellent tool to use to open your intuitive lines of communication.

It can be used to receive messages from loved ones in spirit or for very practical guidance on day to day situations from your guides. 

This bi-weekly series will include but not be limited to:

  • Channeling Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

  • Creating a space conducive to being open to spiritual communication

  • Individual channeled guidance on your personal external space

  • Individual channeled guidance on your personal internal space

  • Learn to open your channel using intention & prayer of protection

  • Understanding the benefit of meditation 

  • Explore different forms of meditation to identify your personal key to the higher mind

  • Identifying mental and emotional interference

  • Individual channeled guidance on mental/emotional interference

  • Identify your guides and gatekeepers

  • Learn the language of the Pendulum

  • Determine the direction of your Yes and No answers

  • Begin learning how the pendulum conveys the guidance of spirit

  • Learn how to use custom charts to develop your pendulum proficiency

  • These charts will continue to be practically beneficial in your daily life if used correctly

  • Explore the Entity Michael

  • Individual channeled guidance on anything creating subconscious blocks to connecting directly with spirit

  • The Michael teachings

  • Using the pendulum to channel Soul OverLeaf charts

  • Introduction to the Letter Board


Here's a message Channeled 8/5/19

by Laura Mirante

…you are the master of you 
and you have it in you to know that
to know that all of your power comes from your connection to your source
and your soul is your connection to your source
and the power of source flows through you when your channel is framed in Faith

You are a channel for divine awareness in this world
You are a vehicle for God’s light in this world
and your ability to see yourself as an individual expression of a universal divine dynamic allows you to understand that

We are all One in the energy
One soul with a multitude of individual expressions
You are an individual expression of All that is 
and only your mind keeps you from knowing that
And only doubt keeps you from living it

Fear, dear one, can be framed as a friend
Right now if it is framed as an enemy it is used by the ego to maintain a sense of separation and a disconnect from the divine

But if embraced on the soul level fear is an indicator, 
a natural innate indicator
that you as a human have shifted frequencies and
have moved away from Faith
that you doubt your Divinity
you challenge your connection
and you question your own authority

That’s the illumination that fear brings to the soul
and the soul knows that awareness 
and gifts the human with the opportunity to choose

and in that moment, your moment of power,
you choose to say:

“Thank you fear for reminding me to fill myself in Faith.”

and you step back into alignment with the all-knowing presence of the One that you are, the One that we are
It’s your greatest effort dear, to see fear for what it is:
It is your beautiful soul’s effort at reminding you of where you have stepped away from the love that you are.


Six Classes will be held over the next 3 months Via Zoom

Join Laura Mirante as she teaches you how to use a pendulum to connect to your Spirit guides and loved ones

Each classes will be limited to 4-7 People 

This class will give you the tools you need to walk fearlessly in 2022 knowing you will always have access to spirits wisdom.

$150.00 per class = $900 Total

Can be paid in full or 

Deposit $150.00 + $125.00 due before each session

Payment via

Zelle, Venmo, CashApp or Credit Card via PayPal 


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