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Channeled Insight From The Afterlife




"I just had to barrel in here and let her know I love her more than life and that I’ll never leave her side.  I love how she feels me and gets the signs.  I know she knows it but I had to tell her.  I had to give her the credit.  That’s what this is all about.  She needs to know this is her doing.  This, all these people, are going to feel their children’s living spirits because she reached out; because she spoke her truth even though she felt uncertain and insecure about it all. 


Because she was willing to step in to the fear with courage and confront you in this way we are all here and many people are going to feel it.  I just wanted her to know that - to know and to be grateful. I love her and we’ll be together but now we have work to do and I need her to know she is doing it.  She doesn’t need to figure it out.  She doesn’t need to think about how – just be her and just fearlessly speaking her truth is what we are here for."

                                             Channeled by Laura Mirante


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