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Channeled Insight From The Afterlife

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February 24, 2020


Alexa for Rachel

I don’t think I’m ready to do anything with her room but it’s been really heavy on my mind.  When the time does come, I just want to know what she would want done with her room and all of her stuff.

The last thing I would want is anything of mine to be a burden in your mind.  I don’t want it to be a painful experience.  I don’t even want the thoughts of it if they’re painful.  That’s where I want to start.  Don’t make it a priority.  Don’t listen to the people’s ideas of what will help you and what won’t.  I want you to feel into our connection and honor what you feel.  I believe in this moment there’s a lot of energy there that helps you connect to me.  Now, I understand that when you do you have all of the experiences tied to all of the ideas there and tied to the energies there. So, it goes to that place of a memory of what once was.  

So, if we were going to shift anything it would be to approach this space as a place you go to connect with me as who I am now – using the energies of who I once was to help bridge the gap from where I was to where I am.  Can you shift it in your mind - not reorganize the physical space so much as reorganize what it means to you right now?  You see, we can shift it as we go.  We can expand it into a place that becomes a place where we connect.  This experience that we are having isn’t something you can compartmentalize.  It’s not like you can say, okay, that part of my life is done.  Let me box it up and put it away.  That’s just not soulfully accurate and that seems to be the issue here, doesn’t it?  

When it comes to experiencing this kind of a loss how do we control it intellectually?  How are you supposed to deal with it as a human being?  And all the people come forward with all the ideas and, of course, in their limited capacity they’re doing their best to help.  I see that.  But it’s more than that than any of them can comprehend because everybody’s experience is different.  That’s what I want to say.  You can’t read a book and fix it.  You can’t listen to another and follow their instruction.  It has to be an exploration of healing.  When you understand that and allow it then you can work with it.  Then we can work with it together.

So, if the first hurdle is the idea of it, well then shift the idea.  If the idea of boxing up everything and putting it in the past doesn’t feel astute, doesn’t feel loving and compassionate to you, mom, don’t do it.  It’s got to be loving.  It’s got to feel like a movement in the direction of love, not a forced healing because that never works. It begins in your mind where you frame it, how you frame it.  Once you begin to shift it, we’ll shift it together. It is now still a place of grief and longing but we can make it a place of love and connection.  We can make it a sacred space, a healing space, a place where we collaborate.  It’s not too far from our truth to believe.  It may be too far for others to believe and that’s what I want to tell you.  

You’ve got to keep reminding yourself that only you can know what’s right for you, what’s working for you, what you’re ready for.  I need you to believe that - that we need to take this experience one step at a time.  Each day just try to fight the fear with faith in our connection - each day looking for someplace where we can connect, some sign I can get through, some way that you can have a moment where you smile because you know I’m right there and we’re doing this thing.

That’s all we need right now – one minute of connecting in the present moment, knowing I’m here.  We can expand on that, mom.  You can embrace the grief process as long as you also give me moments in your mind where I’m still a living presence in your experience.  Don’t look at this as something you have to do but see it as something that we’re going to experience together, where we take the idea of grief and we evolve beyond it into a place where others can heal because they’re given permission to believe what they already know.  That is that there is nothing can break this bond.  There is nothing that can keep up apart.  There’s no way we went through everything we went through and shared the depth of love that we shared for it to just end. That’s what we know.  That’s our truth and I don’t care what other people think or say or believe.  We are exploring our truth and we both feel the connection, the bond and the energy of purpose between us.  

So, it’s all about making the effort each day to find me in some way and to allow that connection to fill your heart in the moment and bring you a moment of peace, a moment of joy, a moment of truth between us.


Channeled by Laura Mirante

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