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You’re not walking alone...insight on communicating after death from a loved one in spirit

"...We all have a certain amount of time we’re meant to spend in the physical and a certain amount we’re meant to spend supporting those in the physical.

This is my time here. This is where I’m needed most and I feel like everything else will fall into place because that’s what it does.

That’s what life does and I’m going to hold you as close as I can so you know you’re not walking alone; so you know that there will be signs and things that happen and things that people say that you’ll understand it’s me.

Keep your eyes open.

Keep your ears open and know that I’m just beginning to figure out how to make my way through all of this minutia so it can be clear between us.

You’ll feel it.

It will get stronger, not weaker, because our love keeps expanding.

I’m a very different experience of myself now and I’m fascinated with all of the ways that I can learn and expand and share and that’s what I intend on doing.

I hope you feel me with you each and every day. I hope you know it will be different each day – how I show up and what I prove I’m able to do..."

Channeled March 07, 2020

Laura Mirante


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