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You’re here to make it real. Your soul is looking to explode right past your perceived limits!

"...You’re here to make it real. It's as if the collective soul has said no more playing around, simultaneously saying. let's play around!

Lets soulfully equip our individual egoic identities with awareness that will shatter the current structured illusionary way of existing. (you may want to read that again ;-)

How about that?

How about you see this physical body, this logical mind as confining the true expansive nature of the divine purpose of you and that divine purpose is now not willing to accept these conditions?! Yes!

Your soul is looking to explode right past your perceived limits! To blow your mind wide open with truth and show you how intricately connected we all are.

You’re going to see it;

we need each other.

You’re going to know it:

we have what we need.

I’ve got something for you; you’ve got something for me; we’ve got something for them, and it’s time to give it.

That’s the shift in the state of perception... if you walk around this life thinking where can I get more? what else do I need? I need to get! Well its not going to work anymore.

That is the way of the old.

That is the old frequency definition of humanity and we are leaving that behind.

No matter how much the ego mind fights that, its irrelevant, the ego mind is not the creator of this reality, the soul is and the energy will always have the last say because that’s who we are and we would never give up on our selves, we would never give over our experience, for there is no one to give it over to...we are all that is.

We are the black and the white the light and the dark the good and the bad the fear and the love. We are the positive and the negative of this human experience. We are all colors and no colors at all. We are the masculine and the feminine and we are here to explore the very nature of expressing who we are in a physical construct and we are not limited to an intellectually defined physical construct you see that is only a portion of our experience here.

We are shifting away from that.

We will always have the intellect in a supportive role of our intuitive nature but

IT IS TIME to regain balance

IT IS TIME for men to embrace their femininity for women to embrace their masculinity and for the human mind to break down the limits of logic that confine any individual’s ability to be what they feel in the moment..."

New year channel - January 1, 2018

via Laura Mirante


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