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You are a part of a process that is so much bigger than you; in humility you can embody divinity.

Alignment of purpose is when you are being who you are.

In one moment, you are frustrated.

In another moment you are inspired and

in another you are angry.

Does your human psyche embody and revere all of those different experiences of you or do you think one is right and one is wrong?

and can you categorize the rightness and wrongness of these expressions of being?

or have you come to realize that’s it?

That’s where we’re lost – in our ideas of ourselves and in our ideas of others.

This is so relevant as you look to be free of it all.

You’re patterning a human psyche where the intellect is a humble, not submissive, supporter of the higher awareness.

Humbled by the brilliance of the intuitive intelligence that doesn’t always give you all the answers when you want them but always brings you the awareness when you need it.

That is humbling to think that you are a part of a process that is so much bigger than you,

that in humility you can embody your divinity in its totality.

So, the journey is to see where the ego affects that embrace of divine purpose, where expectations hold the potential hostage.

Hasn’t that been the journey?


We do not meditate to be a better human.

We meditate to remember we are Not Only that human.

The purpose of meditation is not to make the human feel better.

It’s not to “quiet the mind.”

It is to remember Who You Are.

It is to find your way back to Your Truth.

It is an ask of that Divine Aspect of Self to expand in this reality.

It serves the Soul the connected ,united energy of Purpose.



Seth channeled via Laura Mirante


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