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Who Am I? What Am I doing here? Where Am I going?

There is a light at the core of all Souls, Within this light is the capacity to know and comprehend One’s self in totality.

The essence of who we are is established in this light, And our desire to know ourselves and our truth is what is the core principle of Being,

Being human

You see, that’s what drives you, that’s what defines the human experience and all of the situations, interactions and awarenesses are brought forth because of the gift of life physicality brings.

You see, dear One, you in essence are the light here to illuminate in this world the truth of the One.

That is purpose defined in its purest form.

That is the awareness that exists at the core of the light of you. That is the seed you came to plant in this world, The seed of the truth of love, the love that you are, The love that defines all life experiences.

It is the light that you are that illuminates this love in this world.

Choosing to be the light offers others the opportunity to stand in that light and find their truth.

That’s it, in the simplest form that’s who you came to be.

That’s what you’re doing here and you’ve come knowing that you are a part of a transitional team put in place to shift the focus in the conscious mind so that you may shift the direction that humanity is moving in.

So we know not yet where you are going. We only feel into where you are and of course where you could be as far as possibility, as far as enlightenment, as far as duration of consistency of the integration of the higher awareness.

Now there’s an intellectual focus to hold onto:

“How many minutes of the day can I sustain the state of enlightenment derived from a willingness to submit intellectually to the superior understanding of Ones' self that exists in the knowingness of the Soul?”

It sounds and feels confrontational to logic yet when you sit with it, it’s so simple, isn’t it?

The truth of who you are and the purpose of life itself?

The essence of who you are said:

“I can take this challenge I can ride this wave of Love to freedom I can bring humanity a piece of Divinity that illuminates the Oneness And expands the individual's ability to feel entitled to live from the higher awareness always available in that Soulful connection to all that is.”

Channeled 8/14/19 in response to A friend moving through a major transition in life asks: "Who Am I? What the f' am I doing here and where am I going?"

via Laura Mirante


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