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Where do you think the inspiration comes from?

Now many of you are feeling inspired to take your life in a new direction.

Many of you are feeling an inclination, all of a sudden, to shift your life to live lighter, to live less bogged down by the minutia and heaviness of this material world.

Ah, isn’t it inspiring that it comes at this time of the year?

The spring which represents new growth.

Tap into that energy. It is real.

  • You are not separate from the earth.

  • You are not separate from the energies of spring that inspire new growth in the ground itself!

  • You are swimming in that energy.

  • You are a part of that energy.

Go with that energy!

Do you see the sprouts resisting the natural inclination to expand beyond the seed?


They feel the pull and they respond.

So you are feeling the pull?

What are you going to do with it?

Are you going to deny it because it doesn’t fit into your practical reality or are you going to listen to it?

Are you going to let it pull you in the direction that your Soul is asking you to move in?

Where do you think the inspiration comes from?


Your Soul saying:

“Come on, we’ve done that long enough. Let’s do something different.”

You know who you are. You know you feel it.

Why deny it? Why pretend that is not real for you? Does that serve you?

We will say, right here and now, very clearly it won’t. The desire won’t go away, people. We want to tell you that. It is going to intensify.

Just like your Soul is not going away. It is not going to just go away and let you live your limited interpretation of life. You’ve done that long enough or you wouldn’t be listening to this.

Take a chance!

Take a step away from everything that you have defined as normal in your life. Challenge yourself to step out of the comfort zone and see what happens.

Can you trust your soul?

That inspiration is real and it is intense and it is intensifying. You can’t deny that.

How long can you do that to yourself?

What you are doing is denying yourself your truth and, oh, that hurts. Oh, that doesn’t feel good inside.

Do you want to know what doesn’t feel good? That doesn’t feel good.

Do you want to know what makes you question who you are and doubt your worth?

It is that - not the experiences you had with your parents when you were young, not things that have happened in your life. It is you and your choices and it is time to own that.

If you are choosing to deny that inspirational wisdom that comes from within you, that comes from you for you, then you will live the life that you are uncomfortable in and you will continually wonder why you always feel like something is missing; why no matter what you accumulate, what you achieve, what goal you achieve, it is never going to fill you because that space inside of you is there for the divine aspect of you.

Only when you allow that divine energy to flow through you into this experience does that space feel fulfilled, aligned, complete.

Ah, there it is! That is what you are waiting for – that feeling of completeness, that sense that {says},

"I am exactly who I was meant to be."

  • I don’t need anything.

  • I don’t need anyone or anyone’s approval.

  • I know me and I know what I am here to be.

  • How many of you can say that with that much certainty?

  • And how many want to?

  • How many can believe that it is possible?

  • How many can let themselves find their way?

It is a true, magnificent realization of profound power – the truth that our Souls have a plan.

Intuition is the way our Soul gives us direction to follow that plan.

Synchronicity is the way our guides give us signs, direction, a sense of support and an awareness of the interconnected nature of all life.

channeled by Laura Mirante

March 27, 2015


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