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When you give yourself permission to believe, you give them permission to be who they are now.

I am constantly humbled by what comes through when we join together as a group. This was a small piece of the opening channel at our Mother’s Day event.

“You know that love is real because you each feel it for your loved ones ~in spirit. You know it – limitless, unconditional, powerful energy of love. That is the energy that can bridge realms, that can merge aspects of self.

If you see yourself as a physical being, if you consider that you have a soul, you are separating yourself.

Shift the conscious understanding of who you are and allow your soul to settle fully into the driver seat of the human experience.

That’s what this is all about.

That’s what this moment in history is for.

People have been living at odds with themselves for long enough and it takes a love so powerful you can’t deny it to push you to devote yourself to bringing that love into every conscious waking moment.

Here’s the thing, we’ll make it simple for you – the love is already there.

*It’s only your mind that keeps you at a distance from it.

So, really what this is all about is learning to surrender in to our own truth.

It is learning to remove the intellectual attachments as if they’re clothes.

You can take them off and you can expand into the All That Is that is you.

And what do you know about that? When you expand into the All That Is that is you, you embrace your collective soul family in you.

You give them the freedom to be real, to be who they are now, not who they once were, not a memory in your heart but the living spirit, the ever-evolving living spirt of the purposeful energy that they came to be.

That is what you know you are here for, dear ones – to learn to take the concept of the process of grief forward, to evolve beyond the memory of your child or loved one into a full on moment by moment commitment to explore who they are evolving into now.

When you give yourself permission to believe, you give them permission to be who they are now. Then that alignment of truth in your mind aligns you as souls in your field.”

Channeled May 2020

Laura Mirante


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