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What would a Spirit Medium say from beyond the veil if she could? Sally sayin it like only she can

"You know we are all One right? You understand that we are all a part of this that you call Father Mother God. I just want to reiterate it, I just want to make that clear. I know it’s nice for the ego to keep that God source or the idea of the God source outside of yourself but it doesn’t serve anymore...

there is no Mother Father birthing you it is you...

we are the One;

that is the shift in consciousness that need be made here. You know that. It can’t be that sense of separation.

It can’t be the almighty out there and little old me in here.


The almighty is you.

You are here.

We are One.

Let’s get that clear.

I know it’s easier said from the ethereal realm than it is to integrate it intellectually.

I get that, no matter how hard you try you will never get there and I think that was the whole point. I think the whole point was to get you to realize that when you stop thinking,

you are in the PRESENCE of the ALL THAT IS …..It is you, you,

you the creator of your experience. You the ALL THAT IS.

I am you.

I am in you,

you are in me

It’s the best way we can explain it in the physical."

Sally Baldwin channeled via Laura Mirante

Sally Baldwin was my channeling teacher, my mentor and dear dear friend while I was blessed to know her on Earth from 2005-2012 (in this lifetime~) and then she became my guide/teacher from her new position in spirit and has been blowing my channels wide open from the inside since she figured out she could! even when I wasn't asking for it ... but she knew I needed it.

I will always feel blessed for having met this wonderfully inspirational woman that changed my life by reminding me who I came to be and now to be able to continue her work with her nudging me from within and with the most incredible synchronicities and undeniable signs.

When you read this I hope you hear her voice if you knew her or feel her knocking on your doorway of inner knowing. She is always looking for an open heart and willing mind to connect with.

With Love, In Faith



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