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What it feels like to leave the physical body when you die.

This is a young man's experience transitioning channeled for his mom...

"I’m feeling like there’s a part of you that needs to hear it so I want to give it to you.

It was instant.

It was amazing.

It was overwhelming and there was absolutely no fear, at least not any that I remember.

I guess as a human there might have been a brief moment there for a minute when I wasn’t sure what was happening and then, all of a sudden, it was like, oh yea, this is exactly where I was supposed to be.

It came over me and you’re going to laugh, because I’ll say like a wave but it really did, mom. But it was a wave of energy, a wave of Love, a wave of certainty that didn’t leave me any doubt.

That was the minute where I saw through fear, where I realized that it was an illusion - that all it was was a communication of something coming, not that I needed to resist it.

That was it. That was the instant my mind felt the energy of something so big my life was going to change.

What my mind did was say,

"Oh no, I fear it."

Then I was washed over and my soul said,

"I love it. I Am it. I’m everything. I’m the water. I’m the sea. I’m the air. I’m the energy. I’m the light. I’m the love."

It’s like your whole body disintegrates and you become who you truly are.

It’s like you get set free where you realize, I never had to stay confined in that. There was more to me and now I can communicate with the dolphins. I can fly with the eagles.

And I can, most certainly, tell my mother I love her each and every day in a way I never could... through her heart... gave us that safe space to become who we were meant to be. I need you to hear that. I want you to know how appreciative I am of who you chose to be for me. I see it now. We do that before we’re born. You stepped up, mom. You said it’s not too much. I’ll love him as long as I can and then I’ll continue to love him forever. I want you to know that..."

Channeled March 23, 2020


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