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What is the difference between Imagination and Illusion? Channeled 9/11/09 by Sally Baldwin


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2009 Imagination and Illusion What is the difference between imagination and illusion? What is so important, of course, dear ones, is that you require some sort of direction and tools to help you blast out of what these old ways and tired patterns are all about. This is precisely one of those. Imagination is the most wondrous catapulting tool that you have in your human condition. Yet you do not utilize it nearly enough.

Imagination is about taking who you are and living in a particular moment going outside of whatever is physically given to you, whatever is so body, mind, and ego factually oriented and saying,

"I prefer to go to a different, more creative visualization of this."

Of course, most of you would say,

"That's a useless occupation. You have to deal with the reality of what the physical is right before you. What possible good can imagination do you when you are dealing with this?" We would say clearly that imagination and the creative process that gets you there is the language of your spirit, of your soul, and it is what leads you to the new pattern and pulls you out of the old.

Your ability to visualize what could be different in a moment has the power of making it different.

Yet most of you don't believe that.

You stop at the third dimensional kind of thinking that says, "A + B = C and that's what you have on the plate now, so deal with it." Of course that is not so. You can create X, Y and Z doing a dance and it is every bit as real and wondrous as whatever you see in front of you that you are declaring is the only reality.

This is why it is so important to recognize that visualizing and imagining takes you out of the old and propels you in to what you've always had available for you here but yet you haven't accepted that or known it. So you must recognize now, dear ones, that you have a tool that is immense.

Instead of taking that tool away from your young ones as they grow and become more adult you want to nurture it and actually encourage them to stay more in the imaginative.

It does not matter if they have done so well in your academics at school, whether they achieve a job you consider successful and wondrous, whether they are moving along in higher education that pleases your ego and your mind to be able to say,

"Look how successful this one of mine is."

It matters not.

You have heard this over and over again and yet you still fall into it - that if they are going to succeed, if they or I am going to make it in this world, we must play the game of achieving in the way everyone around us says.

Well that, dear ones, does not allow for imagination does it? That doesn't take you into the visualizing. That doesn't take you into that projecting what it could be which is what your Mayan friends did all those years ago. The recognition of who you are does not stop at the doorway of fact.

It does not stop at the doorway of conditions in this third dimension.

Who you are propels you out beyond the boundaries and the barriers of what that kind of thinking is about and takes you to the place we speak of tonight.

Visualizing and imaging takes you into the world of your divine nature and allows you to see it as reality in this plane as a human. When you are in illusion you cannot see.

You cannot know, you cannot visualize, you cannot feel or imagine what the possibilities are.

You are living so from what you fear, so from what you worry about, that you keep up that illusion and then say,

"This is the reality so we have to stay focused there."

Think about this, dear ones. It is the moment of truth for all of you when you can recognize;

I'll choose visualization and imagination over fact in this moment. When you do, you will find you've stepped in to the divine nature and you'll realize it feels unbelievable. You will realize it is possible to know who you are as a divine being while existing in this most dense, physical plane. It is what you want, now go for it.

Sally Baldwin was a gifted channel with the ability to enlighten people about the nature of their souls. The manner of her spiritual guidance is loving, exciting, supportive and full of humor. She holds a Master's Degree and has been a certified Social worker since 1980. This blog provides insight from the spiritual nature or non physical dimension on topics to help are human side with greater awareness and understanding.

Since her transition to spirit in 2012 Sally has been teaching from 'the other-side' through her student Laura Mirante and directly to those that knew her. She is continually showing us our true divine nature with her soulful insight into the human experience and powerful ability to create signs, synchronicities and fill you with ideas...if you open your imagination she will certainly add her brilliance in the most soul-serving ways.


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