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What is right and wrong, what is good and bad? What is Just and what is Soulfully supportive?

You are here to confront any choice that doesn’t honor who you truly are. What if beneath the surface of all of your ideas of who you are, that’s the bottom-line energy of the purpose of you? To realize that in this ever-changing world you cannot stay stagnant in one expression of you - your ability to shift and change and go with the flow, to be fluid and to allow that fluidity even if it goes against the stagnating qualities of the societal conditions of commitment. There is an important realization to come to and it is one where you begin to trust the inner knowing over the ideas that have been handed down to you, that many of the intellectual certainties defined as right and correct in this moment are not astute or aligned in love or compassion. So, what is right and what is wrong? What is good and what is bad? What is just and what is soulfully supportive?

For there is much about the rules and dictates of this logically defined society that you feel innately offended by.

Recognize that. Journey there in your exploration of self. What is that innate resistance to conformity?

Is it yours and yours alone?

Or is there something to this idea of frustrating a process so deeply ingrained in the human experience it overrides the individual’s ability to feel uniquely defined and entitled to explore a grander expression of self than dictated by those conditions. * What else would it be that would hold you back from losing yourself in a direction of conformity that doesn’t align with your unique creativity? * What is it other than YOU that could love you so, to continue to pull you back into alignment with the true glorious expression of you?* Don’t be frustrated by your mind’s inability to construct that intellectually.

You’re not meant to create this life through the limits of your logical ideas of you, are you? So, maybe your mind’s ideas of that are distorted. Maybe your soulful awareness is bringing forth that understanding that there is a greater purpose, that there is a higher aspect of self that understands the flow of integration of the higher awareness according to the individual resistance. You are given the opportunity to choose – do I keep going in this direction that is logically defined that keeps me on the surface when I feel this tug from beneath the surface for something that is deeper, to explore something more profound in me? There it is, right there. The mind doesn’t feel entitled to believe that there is something more profound because it doesn’t understand it, because it can’t conceptualize it. Does that mean it’s not real? Well, that alone may be the point of contention here.

What is real to you? What everybody has told you or what you feel you know?

That is everything because that is the challenge of the human experience, isn’t it? That’s the journey of self-exploration. "Who do I believe – me, myself, my inner knowing or what I’ve been told by these others?" Throw in the ego-dynamic that is inclined to be accepted by its peers. Again, the misconception or misinterpretation of logic because beneath the surface of that ego interpretation is an energy that says we are all One - not that I need to be accepted on the ego level – but that we are all already One and working in conjunction with one another, in unison;

Always serving each other with the way we love each other and with the way we challenge each other. You see, it’s that deeper knowing that logic cannot contain in its concepts. So, you have to choose, who do I believe?

The aspect of me that is uncertain or the knowingness? Channeled March 2020 by Laura Mirante


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