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What happens when we die...Who are you going to want by your side?”

"You begin to feel a sense of recognition. You begin to feel something so familiar to you and yet something that seems in that moment so foreign until an energy overwhelms you.

As many have put it in the physical - until the light takes you over, until the light itself blinds you of your physical nature and redefines how you perceive your beingness.

For what occurs, is the light shines so deeply into the essence of who you are that your energy begins to shine right back.

Your energy begins to say,

"Yes, it's me and, yes, I'm Home.”

It is that simple, dear ones.

The fear that we have in the physical of this most wondrous experience limits the human being’s ability to fully embrace what they are moving into and is what we are building up to here tonight.

It is this idea that leaving the earth plane, that leaving your physical body, is truly a moment to be embraced, a moment to be perceived in the awe that it deserves – not only by the individual taking that step but all those that love that individual.

We, again, ask you to put yourself in that position to really begin to think about, what will it be like for me?

Don’t wait until the moment before your transition to think about it.

Think about it now.

Who are you going to want by your side?

When you are about to go on the most magnificent journey of this entire incarnation, when you are about to feel freer than you have ever felt in this lifetime, more loved than you can ever conceive of, who do you want sitting by your side?

Is it the one that is sobbing in grief begging you to stay or is it the hopeful one that knows you are going home, that knows that you are not going anywhere, that knows you are just shifting your perception of life, that you are just now going to be seeing, experiencing, and knowing this physical world from a different point of view?

As you ask these questions ask yourself who you love enough to be that for.

Who can you hold the candle for when they need the light to assist them on their journey?"

Channeled 6-27-14

Laura Mirante


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