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What do you want defining your experience going forward?

So we challenge each of you here tonight to say, okay, if this is the beginning of the new me what is it that I want to lay down as the foundation for that?

Go big, go broad, go expansive and truly think of what it is you want defining your experience going forward.

Is it faith? Hope?

Is it courage?

Is it consistency?

Is it devotion?

Is it a development of a certain aspect of your creative energy?

Whatever it is, hold it in a space of knowing that there are energies outside of your understanding working to assist you in bringing that forward so that you can work with that while you are here on this earth in this physical body.

Don’t think small and don’t limit yourself by what others have achieved in this lifetime.

You want to know that we are working with a blank canvas right now and you are free to pick any color you want to add to the spectrum that we will create this future experience with.

Create that space in your mind that says this is where spirit will come to find my deepest desires, my most passionate explorations.

This is the space I create in me that will hold the energies of me I am looking for spirit to take and expand and bring back in a way that will have me in awe of my own truth, of my own potential, and in awe of the interconnected nature of this experience.

That’s what you want.

You want to put it out there so when it comes back to you it takes your breath away in amazement that this is real; this is really possible and there really are divine energies you can work with.

channeled by Laura Mirante 7/14


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