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What can you control? A message for a group of moms with children in spirit.

"...know this without doubt, that there is no control and there is no way through this other than letting go of the idea of being in control and letting go of all of those thoughts that need you to be in control or feel in control of something.

There is the frustrating part because the mind feels it needs to be in control to be stable in this reality.

So, what can you control?

How you view life is all you’ve got.

It’s all you’ve got as far as your ability to maintain some sense of control, to gain some sense of control and, yes, to master yourself in it all.

That’s all you can deal with.

That’s all you can worry about. That’s all you need to pay attention to.

Reflect often on the divine thread of interconnected truth that runs through nature.

Reflect often on the wonders of the interdependence of life in nature.

Each of you has a role here.

Each individual expression of life plays a part here.

Every individual affects all life in and through the way they affect their own sense of self in their own experience in the moment.

It’s a profound concept, one that needs appropriate attention to fully gain the benefits of that realization, * it's in every moment that you pay attention to how you integrate your ideas of life, how you receive the experience, where you are in your reception of life.

Pay attention to that. All you have is the present moment. It’s all you have to work with to create a more centered and balanced sense of self. Forget about the rest of the world. Forget about your ideas of your future or of your past. Stay committed to be present. Stay committed to finding your truth in the moment regardless of what your mind thinks it knows. This is important for you to hear.

You can advance beyond the ideas of death that have been handed down to you. You can use this love between you as souls to bridge the gap in the mind, to confront the illusion of separation, to dismiss the relevance of that ego inclination to fall into the mode of isolation.

Words chosen carefully here for your needs to reflect on as you sit in what you call isolation. Be brilliant in your efforts. Don’t judge them. Don’t expect of yourself. Just explore yourself. Explore where you are in the moment. Am I in the future or am I in the past? Have I gone searching for my child again in my mind and have I realized the limits there? Am I ready to seek his soul in the higher realms to experience her brilliance as who she is now?

It’s there. Right there in the integration of that truth that the mind frustrates the process of evolution here. How do we evolve as souls together if the mind holds the soul hostage to the image and persona of the expression of that soul in one lifetime?

So, you are being challenged to understand the divine aspect of your children and, in effect, the divine aspect of you and that divine connection in you.

Channeled April 5, 2020 Laura Mirante photo credit:"Each sunrise that you experience will answer the prayer that you prayed, but you will only see the answered prayer if you walk the path by faith". Batyah


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