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We’re Here to Serve the Love that Connects Us: A Message for a Mom from her Son in Spirit

We're Here to Serve the Love that Connects Us

Feel me, Mama, feel me now.

Feel me as who I am.

Feel who we are to each other and understand that everything that we’re going through is going to teach us who we really are and has more an effect on what we came to be then we even could imagine.

I found myself working through it all in my own way. I found that there’s a lot more to life than we ever imagined and we’re each figuring it all out together.

You think we’re doing it alone but we’re not. I, maybe, didn’t understand that when I was alive. Maybe I thought I had to do my thing. I had to be me. I had to find my way and I had to declare myself free and clear and individually accountable to me. It’s just what I always felt, I defined me, and I think maybe I had my ideas of what that meant.

Now I’m able to see what it truly is. I get it now.

I get that everything I was there for was necessary, that beneath the surface of it all there are these karmic contracts and agreements that push us in different directions in life.

They push us to connect with these people.

They push us to have these experiences.

They pull us into situations that have us confronting our ability to be love, to be smarter than the fear, to override our addiction to the ego dynamic.

It’s like all we’re here to serve is the love that connects us and all we think we’re here to serve is the fear that separates us.

Channeled 9/2020

via Laura Mirante


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