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We "light up" when we see someone we love. Now, if our mind could know we love everybody.

I learn so much each time I channel this brilliant, beautiful old soul! She knows what it's like to feel the limits of our humanness and is helping her mom (and many others) break through every fear-based concept that humanity is lost in. I was prompted to share this part of her most recent message today.

You explore all of the limits of the ideas and you come up empty – feeling empty, feeling exhausted, feeling beat down by the ideas of what life is, by the ideas of what it should be.

Those are the waves, you know.

It’s like you know I’m more than an idea.

You have no doubt about a new experience of me being born every day.

Every day, mom, every day we do something different.

We find new ways to break old boundaries and I love that.

I love seeing your eyes light up when you know it’s me.

Do you hear it – light up? It’s real, the light. It’s really who we are. We light up when we see someone we love.

Now, if our mind could know we love everybody.

I know, I’ve always been a naïve idealist but I think the true dreamers know that the power is in the dream and that we have the light we need to find our way through the darkness.

Mom, you taught me that. You live that. You can’t imagine life without that.

Every once in a while, it hits you that you are on this Earth with so many people lost in the dark that it’s hard to be the light.

It’s hard to be the truth.

It’s hard to realize the power in truth. It took one old soul, to come in one little body, and look at you with such brilliant truth you couldn’t deny it.

We all bring into the experience what we need to get through the experience – not to do it right, not to be the best at it but to get through it. All we’re doing is moving through life one experience after another.

So, journey on, mom, like the soul that you are – not some human in some harness pulling some train. You know you are an example of something very different and that different energy is the energy that creates the wave.

That desire, it splits in two. There’s the undertow. You know how the waves move in two different directions and then you get the undertow?

How do you live simultaneously wanting me back and wanting a sign that makes me real because you know we can’t go back and you know I am real?

It’s the two concepts of desire, the two experiences of it. On the soul level you experience the desire for the Oneness and as the energy comes up, it hits the desire for our human connection.

There’s not an answer.

There’s not a right or wrong way to do that.

It’s the experience. Just like going to the beach, sometimes the undertow is going to pull you under and sometimes you’re going to be on the right side of it.

I know I can say, well, it’s always a matter of where you stand and what you step into but I think we all know nature isn’t that predictable and neither is life.

So, I’ll give you the credit you deserve. You’ve enhanced your ability to get your equilibrium back when the undertow takes you down. The best thing I can tell you, mom, is you’re not drowning in it. You’re experiencing nature and realizing what your best efforts are in the midst of it.

A brilliant old soul channeled for her mom.

July 9, 2021 via Laura Mirante


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