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To be fully aware of the light that you are is the way you transform the human experience.

So, you have come to that place of recognizing the ego serves the ego’s master and the ego’s master is your choice. You’ve come to see that. You’ve come to realize,

"I don’t have to give all of my energy to all of my thoughts. I don’t have to focus there. Those thoughts will come and they will go and they will come back and they will go again and they will come back and they will go again and if I don’t focus there, they don’t get stuck."

You are learning it isn’t just the emotions that need the freedom to flow but the thoughts as well. It has been your practice to educate yourself, self-educate on what it is the mind is doing with what it is you’ve been taught to think.

You are aware of that process and you are aware that your life has been slowly but surely showing you page-by-page the documented errors in the program. It isn’t yours to judge.

It isn’t yours to condemn and at this stage of the game it isn’t yours to own or explore.

Could it be that there is more intelligence in the field than there is in the logical mind and could it be a possible way to shift the dynamic of you to trust that? It is easy – simplify it. ********

Show me first, then I’ll believe it. Isn’t that what the mind says?

Remember again – as long as you leave that little mind in control it will always dismantle your ability to fully embody your divinity.

You are each, in your own way, dismantling the hold the fear and the doubt have on your ability to believe in your divinity but how far will you go with it?

Who will take it to the fear front?

Who will pioneer embodying the new frequencies of being?

You can consider yourself a true pioneer. You can look at where you’ve come from – the previous generations of women and the place that you stand in, the power you do have in your voice in the way that you speak truth.

Isn’t that how you affect other people’s minds and thought patterns? It is about how you effect yours - that that construct is what shifts the dynamic, challenging the old, dismantling that which does not serve the Divine and then not feeling responsible to figure out what to build in its place.

How do you temper that, you stand there, naked and vulnerable in the middle of the city? That’s what it feels like and so you are timid in the way you maneuver these prompts and you are prompted.

Time and time again you are prompted and you feel it is a part of the journey to diminish your true power by dismissing the relevance of you as an individual, as a soul with an effect on the world. Yet look at the greatness you have shared. Look at what you’ve allowed through you to touch others. Are you ignorant to that or do you choose to be?

Yes, I would ask that you stand with me as I confront all the areas of logic that do not allow you to love you, all of you, every minute of every day that you explore all that you can be.

I’m a wise old soul and I’ve learned through all the lives I’ve observed what takes a person down and what lifts a soul up and it’s not hidden knowledge. It’s not that people don’t know. It’s not that you don’t know. It’s the weight of the feeling of the obligation to the intellectually defined reality.

You think what other reality is there, as of course logic would say?

(Laughs) There it is – the joy, the true laughter at the ridiculous nature of our human minds and our ego-identities that believe the limits of those logical ideas of who we are.

We come and we go and we explore our capabilities in many different dimensional realities and many different projections of love and when you remember that, when you know that, when you own that, you can laugh at any idea that projects an expectation or assumption of right or a wrong way of being.

It immediately dissipates the energy of the ‘should,' as you have no idea what tendrils of purposeful potential are being pulled through you in this lifetime from other lifetimes, from other karmic experiences, from other soul’s circumstances that you will affect that affect you.

Anytime, anytime, your little mind tries to show you, you create the image of multiple dimensions with multiple aspects of you feeding multiple thousands of threads of potential energies in and through all of those experiences and expressions of you intertwined with all souls and you have a tiny, little inkling of what it is to begin to interpret the simplest version of you.

So, what if it is the journey of the pioneer put on the earth at this time to dismantle the intellectual program?

Doesn’t that feel like a purpose that resonates with your innermost desires and what would be the proper pay for the successful production of that effort?

Enlightenment, so the mind might say.

The feeling of continuous support and supply from spirit.

Oneness another might say.

Well, you dismantled the majority of the patriarchal programs that keep the patterns of war mentality alive. The issue of the should is the remainder of the right and the wrong and the good and the bad.

So, you identify clearly war mentality.

What the little mind thinks is right and wrong according to what it’s been taught which would declare who is good and who is bad and who is to blame and who deserves love. Manmade dualistic constructs of thinking, that’s what that is.

If you are to change the dynamic of the thinking mind it is required of you to master self-observation

Your dominant thought is:

"does this thought penetrating my mind field light up my soul with purpose or does it feed my ego or does it entrap my ego in feelings of insecurity and unworthiness?"

Isolating the ideas and the reactionary patterns is the work and in a mode of self-love it is play because you can laugh at the little mind. You can laugh at the simplistic thinking of war mentality that everything should be categorized in such a way that would determine a sense of separation.

You laugh at it and think, oh, how many generations believed in that? Ha, ha, ha. We honor their journeys because they have shown us the experiences that living in those limits create and we now get to choose otherwise.

To be fully aware of the light that you are is the way you transform the human experience, not by the words you share to change others, not by the way you view others as needing your light. Each is responsible for their own journey.

Buddha channeled 8/11/23 by Laura Mirante

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