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To be accepted by another when you are not being your truth isn’t true acceptance, is it?

"...the issue with the older generation who thinks they know what should be when they feel the resistance from the younger ones. They take personal offense to the defiance and why would you?

Why would you take it personally when another soul engaging this life says,

“Well, that’s not the way I’m here to do it.”

That is what their resistance means. All they are saying is,

“I have a plan and that doesn’t seem to fit. That energy that you are extending to me does not resonate with who I came to be.”

All they are saying, in simple terms, is,

“Give me the freedom and the space to find my own way; to possibly bring in to this creation a way of being that is more sustainable, more suitable to who we are as energy and more aligned with the balance we are all looking to experience here.”

When you think about your lives and you think of how off-center they are you must ask yourselves,

“Do I really want to hand this down to the next generation?

Do I want to give my children the idea that existing in a way that has created so much inconsistency in my life is what I want them to think life needs to be?

Or am I so aligned with my truth, am I so in balance, that I know that this is what they need to experience?”

As you hear those words in that way you feel the resistance in you.

You feel the truth – that each soul must find their own way, their own

unique interpretation of life, in order to allow the gift they came to bring into this world to surface.

It must surface from deep down at the core of the being that the individual is and if the individual is trying to be something that it is not it will not surface.

So, you see, honoring your own passions is not just something nice to experience. It is the impetus for true realization in this world.

You must rectify that in your intellectual interpretation of what you are here to be. The only way you allow yourself to have the freedom to be you is when you get it; when you get that who you are truly here to be already exists in you and is burning, yearning, and trying to make it to the surface of you to express itself through you but it can’t until you let go of trying to be something that you are not.

You are divine beings of brilliant creative energy and until you fully rectify this in your mind you cannot come into alignment with it.

Until you give yourself the gift of believing this you will not know peace and balance in this life - until you come to the realization that you are all that you need and everything that you are is who you came to be and there is none of it you need to hide.

There is none of it that you need to dumb down or dismiss to fit in or be accepted.

Some of you need to come to the realization that you did not come to be accepted but you came to accept all as is – all life as it is in the moment, whatever it is appearing to be.

The yearning to be accepted by others will be rectified in you when you accept all as perfect and divine and that can only come when you accept yourself as perfect and divine.

It is all connected, dear ones.

You must start with the willingness to bring it back to you – to see what is off in you.

Is it that acceptance?

Is it that important to you to be accepted by others?

Is it so important that you would be willing to dismiss your truth, to hide who you know you are here to be so that you can be accepted by another? Is that ever enough?

Does that ever fulfill you?

Does it ever complete you?

To be accepted by another when you are not being your truth isn’t true acceptance, is it?

So, once again, we bring you back to the idea that peace comes when you allow yourself to be who you are inspired to be from the deepest parts of your knowingness and not from the surface, shallow interpretation of life that the intellect can conjure.

Be with this.

Sit with it.

Stay with it.

Allow it to move through you and shift in you any areas of resistance to this truth; for that resistance is the inclination to remain limited in form, to remain detached from all that is here in this experience to support the evolution of your journey.

Let yourself be free from the self-limiting beliefs inherited in this world at this time.

Choose to detach from the belief systems that have created this society that has created so much angst in the individuals living on the Earth today.

Reframe it in your mind. Reframe it in your heart. Reframe it in your life – your interpretation of life.

Channeled via Laura Mirante

This is an excerpt from one of the most powerful channels I have ever received: The Age of the New Renaissance. You can read the entire powerful message here:


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