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Those things aren’t coincidences.

A message from a very clever soul in spirit to her momma:

"That’s all I ever want to do – get your attention.

I just want you to feel it.

This is real. I am there.

Those things aren’t coincidences.

We are still trying to connect, communicate and protect one another and we can. This exchange helps us, brings us closer together, opens up the avenues in your mind that I can travel. That’s it. That’s what I want you to do. Keep focusing in that idea that in your mind there all these pathways – if you want to see them as highways, see them as highways but use that imagine to create that availability.

Imagine me just traveling down the highways and then you will realize that you can go access them too and we can travel together.

These different ways that we can make our connection stronger can’t just be me throwing signs and signals at you. It has to be you creating the vehicles for me in this world.

That’s usually just being open-minded.

That’s usually holding me up to a greater expectation. It’s not a; "Please can you send me a sign" anymore, mom.

It’s an, "I expect to hear from you" energy. I just want you to shift it that way because it seems more real.

It’s more like how you would want it to be –

Channeled 12/16/19 via Laura Miranteantentete it is definite and certain.

I’m here and we are always trying to connect, you and I. So let’s make it more real and more relevant by expecting it. It gives me more to work with. I want you to understand that. All I can do is what you allow.

When your mind is open it is like saying look, I created all this space to show me more of who we are to each other. So create the space and I’ll fill it and I’ll keep filling it."

Channeled 12/16/19 Laura Mirante


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