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This is a young women's interpretation of her experience transitioning for her mother...

"this is what I experienced...

There was so much light. There was so much love.

There was this moment where I felt as if I just exploded right out of me – this ball of fire and it just kept expanding.

As it expanded it was almost like I was looking up at a volcano and I was climbing the volcano fearlessly, not feeling a thing only empowered to reach the top.

Then, when I did, it was like my reward was I was shot up into the heavens.

That’s what it was like for me. The whole experience was like this cartoon image of me overcoming the volcano and then being glorified by becoming a part of the explosion; where what once looked so physical became ethereal.

Poof, out into the ethers I was projected in the most amazing way because it wasn’t like feeling thrown out there or flung out there. I grew out there. I expanded and became it.

How can you put that into words? How can you conceive of that? How can you think that’s what you’re stepping into? That was the whole thing. That’s what got me. Deep down inside my soul felt excitement. I knew it was time, knew I was ready.

Everything on the outside kept challenging that. Where I’d love to be, what you would have wanted me to be, where I’d love to keep my life so that nobody had to feel the pain, I can’t deny this that I feel now.

It’s so important that I tell you, so important that you experience it, so important that you realize that was my moment. Instantly everything else was gone and I was exploring this vastness of being. I was exploring the quantum particles of me - the waves, the sounds, the synchronistic connections to everyone. That’s what it’s like..."

Channeled January 27, 2020

via Laura Mirante



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