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This is a message for a woman asking about her desire to leave this world...

Begin to glorify your experience and not condemn it and watch how it changes.

Begin to be grateful for all of the stuff that would distract you from this true confrontation of self.

You have the ability to simplify your concept of you and in that simplification, you come into alignment with the ease and grace of the flow of the higher purpose.

That’s your challenge and all it takes is a willingness to deny those thoughts.

That’s all it takes from you, right now, a commitment – for twenty-one days:

-replace your thoughts with your sense of knowing.

-challenge every intellectual certainty with curiosity as to what else you can know intuitively

-use every idea of fear as a part of the process to move into faith.

Say to yourself -

“I will not reel from fear. I will embrace it as my beautiful friend that has reminded me I’m lost in my ego.

-I’m lost in my mind’s idea of me and I just need to turn and look toward my heart to find my way to my soul, to release myself from my thoughts, to know who I am.

I will use fear to prompt me to be faith.”

Every thought that comes up that is uncertain say,

“thank you for giving me the opportunity to find faith in my soul’s ability to guide me through this reality.”

Have no other thought.

Your mind might tell you you have to think but if you were to take your life today you would no longer be thinking.

So, this is the challenge to release yourself from thought without releasing yourself from the body completely, just to see what would the soul’s experience be if I were not confined to my ideas of me, if I were not affected by my misconception of the fear, my misuse of that opportunity to find my way back to faith?

So, you do ask: “why am I here?”

That is why you are here.

That is your purpose and the only thing the mind could come up with is I need to leave my life to be my truth.

And that is not a truth.

That is a fearful misconception, a distraction that will keep the human searching the mind for more answers which never come.

Don’t you see?

Your entire life has challenged you to see yourself from beyond your thoughts and all the mind can tell you is, then, leave this body? That will show you who you are listening to.

Your soul says:

“stay and deny fear the right to shift your sense of self.

Stay and deny the alignment with the ego personality to dismiss the relevance of the intuitive knowing.”

That’s what the soul says when the mind says I need to go in order to be free...

Imagine what your soul can create in this reality without having to oblige your ego, without having to condition itself to your fears. You can’t imagine it, you see?

That’s the brilliance of it and that’s where you want to let go.

That’s where you want to see the true power of your divine self to show you another path...”

Channeled 1/28/2020

Laura Mirante National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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