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This is a message channeled for a group of Mom’s learning to connect with their children in spirit.

“So, when you are challenged with an experience such as this, when the connection between you and your child is so strong that the mind can’t conceive of a disconnect there, it is so that you challenge that idea with your truth; where your love holds a space for your child to come through and show you the limitless nature of their soul in signs and signals, in synchronistic moments that take your breath away in awe of their ability to shift your external reality to get your attention.

These are not random experiences.

There are no such things as coincidences.

These are the ways spirit moves through this realm.

It can’t always oblige the desires of the human to see, to touch, to hear.

There must be that willingness in you to explore curiously how your child can show up in this world, how the shift in your experience is a reflection of their energy moving in your reality.

When it’s out of this world, believe it.

When it seems so far fetched your mind challenges it, ask yourself,

"What would be so bad about believing that. What could the harm be in embracing this moment where I feel the chills move through my body and instantly think of my child?

What would be so detrimental in believing that they stood before me and embraced me in a hug of eternal love in an effort to allow me to know their living presence in my experience?"

What if each time you allow yourself to believe it the energy of that embrace becomes stronger and the message attached to it becomes clearer?

Could you see that as being a way to reestablish who you are to each other now, in an effort to expand our understanding of who we are as souls and how our commitment to one another continues regardless of where in the world we are to one another?

Everything is energy.
All souls are individual expressions of One purposeful, Divine, creative energy.
Each individually representing the intention of all souls collectively through the will of the One that inspires all souls.

So, in those moments where the inability of logic to contain your child in the five senses of physicality, when the mind defines this as certain,

find your way to that sense of knowing that feels their presence,

that understands a deeper soul connection and revels in the efforts that they make to get through.

Create a pattern of thought that you can go to that says:

“In my deepest moments of grief I can find solace in breathing deeply into the belief that I do feel my child’s presence in me. I do see the effect of opening my mind and challenging my loved one to show me a sign to create in me a sense of knowing.”

If you are here, in this world, in THIS experience, you are here to prove the truth of the power of love to illuminate our everlasting nature.

So, fearing what the mind thinks is definite can only be overcome in Faith of what the Soul knows is our everlasting truth.

You want to create that pattern, that thought pattern, in your mind as your go-to because, in those moments where you say:

"I choose to believe in my child’s everlasting soul"

you then open a door in the mind like a skylight that invites them in, that allows them to feel that recognition of their truth of their continued existence.

And, yes dears, all they want to do is jump in and prove it to you.

Everything is energy.

Your thoughts hold a frequency and, yes, the frequency of grief is one of separation and the frequency of Faith is one of connection.

As your mind tells you they are gone, correct it.

Tell your mind:

"The vehicle has shifted, the body is no longer necessary and the Soul is now a part of every breath I take, every thought I have and every inclination I consider."

When you expand beyond the limits of the ideas that fear brings, in an effort to lovingly exist in Faith, you offer your children a frequency so close to Heaven they could step right in and allow you to expand with them in a new experience for all souls to benefit from.

Believe in their continued existence and you will be validated in that belief.”

Channeled February 24, 2020

by Laura Mirante


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