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The Real Purpose is Being You

Okay, mama, I’m bringing you a big hug today.

I want you to hear me like that.

You’re my mom and I love you always and forever.

I feel like you need to hear that.

You know I sit with you every single day and I nudge you and I push you and inspire you and I love you.

No matter what’s going on, mom, we come together.

We always come together in it because you know who you are, because you know who I am and because you know where we connect.

These things that are happening all around you now, they’re just there to distract you.

The real purpose is being you.

The real purpose is letting go of what everybody else is doing and what everybody else thinks they need to be doing and just staying where you are – that place in the heart that knows we need to connect, that knows we just need to breathe ourselves out of this craziness in our mind and find our way to our truth.

I feel like a lot is going on, mom, and things are changing quickly.

There is so much shifting around everybody and it’s good.

It’s not scary and it’s not bad.

It’s different and different means we grow.

Different means we learn things about ourselves we wouldn’t have learned if everything stayed the same. It’s never comfortable but it’s always expansive.

Channeled May 4, 2020


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