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The Path of a Mother of an Angel - a message from Michael for moms with children in spirit.

Each one of you is aware of a deeper conversation in the heart with the soul.

You have this understanding in you, a feeling of knowing, a sense of unity that denies and defies any intellectual certainty of the distance between you and your child.

So, it becomes an issue only when it is important for you to make a choice when you feel you need to give all of your ideas over to one concept, where you need to give your entire belief over to one idea.

You’re thinking now, well, it serves me to search for more, to explore the feeling of knowing, to affirm these divine synchronicities when I feel them, when I see them, when I know it is relevant.

You are here to understand the deeper sense of knowing is truth.

It is the experience occurring on the soul level, communicated through divine intelligence, through those energetic lines of continuity, for we are a continuum – all one and one in all in the energy of All That Is.

It’s an energy that can speak simultaneously in many different individuals and you’ll feel it more and more as you work with these brilliant souls, as you feel their divine intelligence conveyed to you in a way that your intellectual mind can appreciate.

That’s what’s working for you because it does make sense and it does feel true and it does feel important to pay attention to.

It does feel healing in it’s own way to continue the conversation, to continue the experience as one unified field of intention exploring life from separate states of perception.

What you’ve been taught to think about grief and death and parents and children in this culture, in this lifetime, there’s the effect of the influence of the ancestry there and there’s an effect of the influence of the future generations, as well, that you haven’t quite considered and that may be the push/pull here.

It may be exactly why you can’t just sit comfortably in the old ideas of grieving but you want to explore a path beyond the limits of that logical idea of what we are, what we were, and what we can be. So, how else do we entice the human mind other than to take the strongest love, strongest bond, the most unwavering committed connection and stretch it between realms and challenge that love to prove the everlasting nature of our souls?

You are warriors, pathfinders, pioneers honoring the journeys of souls that have come without any fears limiting their ability to explore their divinity, willing to use that challenge of being human to serve humanity in their own unique ways.

You the anchors of unconditional love,

you the anchors of unwavering faith in the power of that love between you to bridge the gap created in the minds of thecultures you break free from now.

It is your bond in the truth of the love innate in that bond that creates the expectation of result here, where you know they will stop at nothing to reach you.

Where you know that regardless of every justification to stay deep in the grief, this inner desire for more pulls you forward and allows you to receive them in these signs, to feel them as they stand next to you and to know in your thoughts their intentions.

That’s the experience you explore here. It is not contained in logic, so you cannot justify it intellectually.

You can onlyexplore it experientially, together as one – one intention to be connected eternally regardless of space and time – to provethe dynamic nature of our inner connection and how our outer world can be a treasure hunt.

It is your greatest gift to your children to see life as the opportunity to explore the everlasting nature of our souls, for they are in that exploration, you see, and they do desire your complementary perspective.

Isn’t that what we offer our children?

So, keep the Faith in your ability to expand beyond the limits of the ideas handed down to you to explore in life, of loving moments of self-realization because of these communications, because of these synchronicities, because of your ability to reference intellectually the divinity in these synchronicities.

When they are not written off as coincidence, they are realized as true connection, as true, real world experiences of your loved ones now in this very moment.

Not the memories but their essence expressing actions, intentions, sharing wisdom or spontaneously triggering an inner knowing of direction.

Why not trust it with all that you are?

Why not give every bit of what you are here for over to this experience of exploring what it is that can be known together in this?

That’s the challenge, isn’t it, on the day-to-day basis?

Can you maintain balance in this world that is out of balance with itself?

Begin to think that way – that it isn’t about fitting your truth into that culture, it’s about experiencing your exploration of your truth in your way, in your life according to your journey as it unfolds, according to your willingness to be spontaneously directed by these children’s efforts to see them as the divine, old souls that they are and that you always knew them to be and to understand a deeper sense of purpose here that was always known but couldn’t be verified, contained or controlled intellectually.

Channeled 12/22/22

via Laura Mirante


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