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The moment you feel the embrace of the divine you have a choice - ArchAngel Michael

This is a message for a group of parents regarding connecting with their children in spirit when they feel them near...

"So, challenge yourself, dear ones, to challenge those thoughts of uncertainty, those thoughts of fear and distance between you. Challenge them by being curious, curious as to where this instant awareness came from, curious as to how profound the shift in your energetic field is. How you feel it as a shift, possibly in emotions, where in one minute you are here and fully available to yourself and in the next you are pulled so far from this present moment in an energy of your loved One’s embrace.

So, here’s the thing. When you feel the embrace observe what occurs. The mind immediately takes you back to a memory attached to that feeling of their embrace which then reminds you intellectually that they are no longer here in their physical body, no longer present in that form.

***Now follow this.***

In that moment you have a choice.

In that moment you can choose to believe that logic, for the external physical world will affirm it, or you can take a deep breath and follow it into your heart.

When you take these breaths imagine that the instant you start to breathe in divine truth, the words, the thoughts, the uncertainties and fears of grief are released in that moment.

It’s released because you open your mind to be curious about something more because, yes, all of those thoughts are there and they will always be there for you to ponder and identity with.

*But right here in the present moment is a feeling, is an energetic connection that is looking to be realized as now, as right here in this moment the living presence of these brilliant souls, of your brilliant children that are here to show you the true, eternal nature of our souls.*

So, give yourself permission in the moment to dismiss the grief momentarily, just so you can make the space for something more, just in case in that moment your child’s brilliant soul is reaching through this veil of separation and giving you confirmation that they are with you, that they are a part of you, that they are in your field of awareness and available to you.

Because they are and because we know you feel them it is imperative that you hear this, that you pay attention to this, that you give yourself permission to have these moments

these brief moments away from grief that open the door to a higher awareness of our eternal nature and of the effort of these souls to get your attention.

Do configure it this way in your mind, where you feel it as their desire to have you know them in their new form, feel them in their divine expression and honor them by engaging them as here in the now*** not gone in the past.

You see, dear ones, you know the enormity of purpose of an experience like this. There is no sense of punishment here. There is a grander sense of purpose that guides each of you now – a purpose to exist in this world in this illusion of separation knowing the true divine nature of our eternal souls.

And who greater to teach you but those that have a piece of your heart in their essence which is why they can connect with you on that deep soul level.

So do not dismiss it. When you feel them in your field do not think of it as a memory; know it as your truth now, know it as their effort to help you realize the ease with which we move between worlds and we do.

It is only in logic that we cannot conceive of it and it is only in logic that you suffer.

Your heart glorifies the presence of this other in your field the instant it is recognized.

Be present in their extension of themselves in this world and you will feel the continued conversation."

AA Michael channeled February 17,2020 for a group of moms with children in spirit Laura Mirante


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