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The minute you leave the earth you are whisked away by angels.

"I feel the need to let you know that the minute you leave the earth you are whisked away by angels.

You’re lifted right out of your skin as if it didn’t even matter, as if it didn’t ever even hold you in anyway.

You realize that you can fly freely, that you can feel complete in all that you are without needing anybody else to tell you that.

You can be completely pain free, body and mind with no emotional attachment to any of it.

It was amazing to watch it all fall away, like I never really needed to identify with it anyway.

I wonder if that’s what I ask you to do now – to leave all the ideas behind so we can explore who we really are to each other.

It’s the best I can do right now, mom, meet you in your dreams and ask you to step out with me, to step out even further than you have been.

I know you have been and I want to tell you that.

I appreciate it. I appreciate it when you keep me alive.

I appreciate it when you talk to me like I’m sitting right there.

I appreciate every moment that you recognize that I didn’t go anywhere.

I love you with all my heart and soul and will forever keep trying to let you know I’m with you."

Channeled April 20, 2020


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