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The Effect of Prayer from the Soul's Point Of View

I love this insight about prayer from one sweet old soul recently deceased to her dear friend, sitting here with me in June of 2016:

“I don't want them to think of me in grief. I want them to think of me and think of who I was and how I lived my life and I hope that makes them happy.

I hope it brings them joy that they were a part of my experience.

But it is fun to know that I'm thought of and I'm thought of fondly. It does feel good. I want you to know that.

We feel all that.

So know, when you think of someone fondly, or even better when you pray for someone that has shifted and transitioned, it has an effect.

We feel that wave of love coming from the Earth and it is overwhelming.

So do give others that piece of information because it is important to know that there is something to prayer and it doesn't matter what religion or if there is a religion attached to it.

It is a simple thought, a simple moment where you give the energy of you over to another's experience for a moment.
That's what it is when you pray. You are saying,
"Here, have a piece of me to support you on your journey because you know we are all One."

Now know, people don't quite understand that but that is really what prayer is when we pray for others. When we pray for ourselves all we are saying is, "I need all of my energy right now" and we are asking for others’ energy.

I found something I really want to share here which is the importance of prayer, which is the importance of continuing the conversation with spirit.

People pray sporadically, sometimes only when they need something, but I think it is important to have that constant communing going over.

I don't know if I want to say it makes your prayers more powerful but I'd say there is actually something to that concept.

There really is something to the idea of the ritual or regular, habitual reaching out to the Divine. It opens the door and I guess when you continue to do it keeps that door open.

So, yes, there is a more fluid back and forth between the individual and the Divine and isn't that really what prayer is about?

So whatever God or godlike source that people want to believe in is fine as long as they believe in something outside of themselves as individuals being a part of a support system for their individual inner journey.”

Channeled 6-16

Laura Mirante


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