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Spirit's Bigger Picture Insight on the Corona Virus Channeled March 11, 2020

The client asks: Why is this happening?

What’s the bigger picture of it?

Spirit responds: "Yes, the concern is real and affirmed here in the energy. There is a deeper desire on the soul level to be free of the ego attachments to the societally defined identities that do not allow for freedom of spiritual creativity. Think about it. That’s where we are soulfully, collectively and if "Everything is Energy" and all souls are an individual expression of ONE dynamic energy, which you are, then you’ve got to go bigger don’t you? You can ask, of course, why is this happening to me? Why is it shifting my reality, my idea of my path forward? Where have I failed myself to create such a challenge in my experience?

Or you can climb the ladder of consciousness, release yourself from the ego identity and

go bigger with your questions here and ask for the relevance of the integration of this animosity of self at this very poignant moment on the journey to self.

What is it frustrating in your individual life?

What is it frustrating in the collective human experience?

What is it illuminating?

Where does it bring awareness of the interconnected nature of all souls and of the ability of compassion to illuminate a path forward defined in connection?

When humanity is collectively faced with the same challenge, then there is a desire to come together.{desire on the soul level surfacing in the human experience}

Of course, it’s underlying intellectual intention is for self-preservation, so we establish this idea that we need to figure this out to go forward.

We salvage this idea that we may need to come together to figure this out to go forward.

Of course, there are those egos that stand in the way that say we will overcome and we will feel superior in and of ourselves in this world. Don’t trick yourself. There are those that are struggling with their attachment to their ego desire to feel or seem superior in this world, rather than to come together and offer one another an extension of Oneness.

So, there are many levels to this experience and many different realizations available to all souls - the bigger picture, the quantum picture, and the individual experience of it all.

So, hold yourself right there - on your individual journey, according to your soul’s path of purpose.

Where do you feel you stand as you discern between standing on a soulful path and following an ego idea of success?

As you discern between the Soulful Relevance of those expressions of you, you come into alignment with a greater energy of purpose here.

Because just right there in your realization of what you feel is necessary, of what you feel is important, of what you feel sustains you here in this world – just right there is the ultimate in confrontation of self here.

Who is it that defines you? What is it that defines you? What is it that gives you your sense of power, your sense of success, your sense of individual authority and, yes, collective superiority?

This, that challenges your life, has been intellectually diminished to the point of contention of existing as a soul in physicality; which is who are you? and where does your true power come from?

Are you defined by your wealth, by the material aspect of your physical experience?

Does your power come from a sense of authority over the material?

Or have we come to that point in the road where we realize that our power, individually and collectively, comes from a much higher Source and that Source itself is requiring our attention and, yes,* that idea of that Source has dismantled our belief in our connection to that Source.*

Here is the ultimate in the individual challenge of the moment – to pull back from the fear of the uncertainty of the intellect’s inability to feel in control of the situation. Oh, what a challenge, especially when that aspect of self has served you so well in this reality but what do you see here? It’s not the same reality, is it? Or have you not yet noticed that things are very different and your ability to maneuver the world will continue to be restricted until the shift in consciousness exposes the individuals for the need to connect in compassion and receive with grace a way forward beyond the limits of logic?

Collectively the energy itself is defining the timeline. *Yes, fear has an effect. Yes, fear given power creates an accommodating energetic support system for this kind of panic.

**But it also challenges those in a state of self-empowerment to know better - to feel in to the desire of the soul to shift the reality and to say, okay, if things are shifting then let me find grace in this moment by allowing my higher awareness to define my movements forward.**

Isn’t it interesting that at this stage of the game you’d be challenged to go the distance with this? Where everything in the rational mind says you’d better put your feet on the ground and get grounded in practicality and start to create a logical plan. But maybe there is an easier way through this. Maybe there is an inner sense of knowing. Maybe you are becoming attuned to it and maybe your fear is challenging that connection, that alignment with a sense of purpose and an awareness of a shift in your intention and inclination in the moment. So, here you’ve been gifted the ability to understand the need to look at every situation from many different angles – knowing all along that nowhere in your mind can you conceive of it in totality, even with the wisdom you receive here. That’s where you go with it.

On a higher level of self, you're not alone in challenging yourself to see fully the power of your connection to your inner authority.

Can you stay calm in your mind long enough to hear the inner wisdom?

What if there’s not a goal of success in the way that you have defined in your mind?

What if the goal here is to learn to work within the energy of fear from a calm state of inner knowing?

Can that be a practice integrated here in this reality?

Only if and when the human being himself is willing to believe he can proactively engage this higher awareness and put his faith in it.

Now, who would think in a situation such as this and with such a material nature, that this would be an opportunity for soulful growth?

Of course, it is because that is the point and purpose of the physical world – to challenge the individual’s ability to trust their own divinity, their own divine connection to the Source, the all-knowing Source of all life that flows in to each individual through their soulful connection to all.

So, maybe it’s not about understanding it all and saying here is the purpose, now let’s fulfill it. It’s about realizing that the purpose will continue to unfold and expand as you follow the energetic inclination of the moment.

It is wonderful creations such as these that really allow you to explore your true divine power and the power of staying in balance in faith in a higher purpose with a willingness to seek out that purpose in every moment. But if there was the sense that there is an inner knowing, the inner finger on the pulse of the human experience, then the awareness knows the inclination of the next moment, feels the movement necessary in you to align with greatest effort at self-realization.


What if there was a way you could feel inspired to believe that all challenges in the human experiences are opportunities to override the fear and uncertainty of logic and come into alignment with the higher power?


It doesn’t matter what the situation is but it is always the opportunity to override the misconceptions and the lack of capacity of the intellect that brings you into a moment of knowingness.


Collectively, on the grander scale, the need for Oneness is reflected in this experience with great certainty.

It does allow all human beings to realize the Oneness in the experience and that you are all here to face this life in physicality together.

******************************************************** Channeled March 11, 2020 by Laura Mirante


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