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Soulful Perspective on Feminine Energy in 2020 Politics.

Channeled Insight from Sally about feminine energy and balance in 2020 politics.

You really can feel it, the balance of power starting to shift. You really can recognize how inevitable this movement is, don’t you? You understand that I’ve been feeling this for decades and I really thought Hilary was going to be the one. But it does feel like things are shifting and what she did was allow there to be a transition of power. So, yes, the institutions are challenged and, yes, there is enough upheaval and enough animosity with the status quo that people are once again reaching for something different. Where Trump used to be the something different, he has proven, over and over again, he is the establishment personified. He is the young soul mentality expressed in all of its glory.

Once again, this country is at odds with it’s inner knowing that we have to evolve now into the old soul energy that we have come to create from in this moment in time. The young souls are holding so desperately to their ego-accommodated personalities and you feel it in each one of you. We all have a piece of that pie. We all have a piece of every pie in us and we move through the human experience exploring the different aspects of being. You’ve been in your own experiences through the baby soul mentality, through the young soul phase, through the maturation process to get you to this elevated state of awareness. Now understand that. It’s an uncomfortable process. It’s like they are trying to hold on to their youth. Think about the country you live in and how much insecurity there is with appearances, what we look like to the external world.

Look at Donald Trump. Think about it. There are those that support him that would deny he’s a narcissist, this man who has put his name all over the place. Yet they will defend their ideas. So, you have to give him credit. He knows how to get under people’s skin. He knows how to get in to their mental programming. He really has employed some of the finest minds to create this animosity in this country. There is no doubt about the deceptive nature of his intentions and I will speak to it clearly here. There are those that will defend him to the death because of the illusion of prosperity he has created and it is there for several that are employing that ego right to that sense of superiority. It is exactly what he and his family emulate and it gives everybody in the country the opportunity to continue to support that system, to see it for what it is, or to let go of it. But because he understands the desire for change, he understands the need for change and he is quantifiably capitalizing on that energy of purpose beneath every human being that is saying change is needed.

It’s funny because the words don’t match the experience and there’s an inner authority that is defining a need for the balance of power and, yes, that is that feminine energy that we all know these patriarchal, institutionalized, manipulative societies need. We explored it. There’s no judgment here. There is no doubt about the mental manipulation that has imprisoned humanity. Just the idea that we need a government, that we need to be told what’s right and what’s wrong, that right there is a point of reflection for every individual. You know what people will do with that thought? They’ll look outside of themselves, won’t they? “Those people over there”, “they” need it, “they” need to be governed. “They” can’t be trusted. “Those people over there” …and there is the divide.

Humanity is still at odds with itself and still uncertain which direction it wants to move in and, yes, America has a mighty effect on that wave. When they throw a pebble, everybody feels the ripple. So, we are holding the space for that shift in consciousness to be validated internally so it can be executed externally. There you are. There’s the benefit of your efforts. That is why you challenge your self-animosity. That is why you are committed to expressing truth now without editing because you understand the seeds that you are planting that are necessary now for the creation of this beautiful field of freedom we are looking to step in to. Hold that space.

We’re all holding that space. We want this to be that movement toward balance, not feminine power but mutual respect of our unique makeups, mutual respect of the benefit of our divinity and of the need for selfless, soulful support.

We’ve got to start planting those seeds that the pursuit of financial and material abundance has distracted us from our soulful truth and the world is at odds with itself so we can make a different choice, so we can choose to love each other back into alignment, to create such a wave of compassion people let go of their judgments of themselves and of one another.

You see that work that you had to do in you and how it will create the wave. It’s necessary and you are each empowered with all that you need to take this step forward and you know that. You understand the friction is intense because the distance between truth and the illusion is animated and illuminated in a way that cannot be denied.

Channeled September 2020

Laura Mirante


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