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Self-Love isn’t selfish. Learn to Love Beyond Reason

Love Beyond Reason

You are in a forcefield, a magnetic field where Souls are pushed and pulled together according to the divine dynamic...

You are learning to let go of judgment.

As much as you already talk yourself into the ideas about it, you are learning that beyond the ideas are 'patterns of being' handed down to you.

As you love yourself with every step forward, you know the tether to the old 'constructs of being' will surface in your ideas of your experience – not to be judged or condemned but to be Loved beyond reason.

*There is your goal for this year – to learn to - Love beyond reason.*

Love of self will always show you the way.

Anybody asking you to doubt you is challenging you to love you.

Remember, Love beyond reason.

Love beyond reason would love them;

love them,

love them for challenging your love of you because it can only strengthen it when you know who you are and you know how important Love is.

Never allow another’s doubt in.

Never look at it in that way.

Should I match that?

Should I agree with them to make them feel better so there’s no conflict?

Self-Love isn’t selfish.

When you refuse to match another’s doubt or fear,

you don’t just deny them,

you are offering them a loving way to be...

Love Beyond Reason

channeled 12/30/21

by Laura Mirante


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