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Seeing life through the eyes of the soul

Think about the systemic imprinting imprisoning human beings to a linear concept of creation Where the itemized list of things to do keeps them so focused in that linear fashion that they cannot function in an expansive creative limitless energy

that beneath the surface of that skin is energy dying to be released into this reality without intellectual limits

You know this because you’ve heard the call of the soul

You’ve surrendered to the process You’ve allowed your life to change And now you embrace the concept that all roads lead to Self That there is no right way to be That you are here to evolve and develop a sense of the interconnected nature of all souls

and the availability of the higher awareness that that interconnected thread of truth brings to you

You’ve followed the intuition You’ve seen the divine synchronicities Now you want to go deeper

You’ve explored it on the surface as a human Now you want to go deeper

Now you want to see life through the eyes of the soul where there is no convoluted misinterpretations defined by fear and uncertainty

The knowingness relieves you of all of that

The knowingness that there is a divine plan and you are a part of it The knowingness that you are an individual essence in a collective wave and that that wave is powerful enough on its own to give you your sense of direction that your surrendering to the direction of the wave, the will of the One, allows you to be part of something much bigger than just you, the drop in the ocean

Channeled 7/5/19

by Laura Mirante


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