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Reframe the mind for clear signs from Angels and Guides

You say, "I look to connect to my guides, my angels, The Masters, and the higher aspect of me."

What you want to do is reframe the image in your mind of what that looks like. Do not see yourself as here and the angels, guides, and loved ones as there, somewhere outside of you, somewhere in a distant far-off land, somewhere in the heavens way beyond the Earth.


Everything is energy and energy is limitless in its ability to manifest in and out of form. So, you see, the angels, the guides, the higher aspect of you, is all a part of the energetic field you exist in.

Angels and Guides

Now see that ocean of awareness that is the collective consciousness as the energetic field of this human experience.

Realize that the angels and guides are the buoys, they are the dinghies, they are the lighthouses. They are the energies that will always rise above or stand strong through any storm in this collective ocean of awareness.

The higher aspect of self is you.

The movement and fluidity of the ocean is a part of who you are.

It exists in your energetic field which is available to you with your willingness to look beyond the literal interpretation of your physicality.

So you do not want to look outside of yourself. You want to look within yourself, within that energy that you are, within the field of awareness that you are a part of.

You want to recognize that these energies are a part of your experience for a purpose.

They are not stopping by this human experience on their way to something else.

They are a permanent part of this ethereal program of self-awareness and they are here to assist human beings in recognizing their divinity, in recognizing the divine in every aspect of this human experience. If you think about it in this way you can then see the relevance and importance of your efforts here to try to connect.

If this is why they exist, if this is what they live for, then you must understand how exciting it is for each one of them to connect with someone in the physical that is willing to believe in something beyond the physical. For they travel these waters often and they are constantly coming up against those that have no inclination to know their own Divinity, those who resist the intuitive awareness trying to push them in a certain direction. They are constantly confronted with disbelief and dismissal.


This is important for you to hear with this intensity because this is the truth of the human experience as it stands in this moment.

The majority of human beings on this earth plane - whether they proclaim to believe in a higher power or not – have very little faith in that higher power’s ability to manifest in their reality.

They have very little faith in their connection to that higher power, very little faith in their belief that these beautiful, angelic beings are here to open them up to their own divinity, to show them the divine in the human experience but yet this is our truth.

This is the fabric of the human experience.

It is divine!

You are divine!

Beneath the surface of the fears and doubts that cloud your logical mind is a divine being of light and love that is you.

That is you – not the fear, not the doubt, not the uncertainty.

This is the illusion.

That is the fearful interpretation of life that humanity has created to keep themselves in the state of separateness.

It is not because of some evil force that you have this experience.

It is duality in all of its glory.

It is a part of why we came – to lose ourselves in the darkness of self-deceit to find ourselves through our effort at self-realization, through our efforts at knowing ourselves and allowing ourselves to see our fears and release ourselves from their limiting abilities.

When you look beyond your fear, when you look beyond the doubt, that is when you open the door to the Divine.

That is when you hold the space for your higher self to manifest in your reality in ways that confirm for the logical mind the availability of the Divine – which is what you are calling forth, which is what is needed in this human experience now.

Channeled by Laura Mirante


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