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Pulling it together – body, mind and soul to counter fear. Insight from the soul of Indira Gandhi

As you feel fear, it is up to you what you choose to do with it and you all know this. What if this is it?

What if collectively we are trying to redefine what we think we are capable of doing with fear, who we’re capable of being prompted by a frequency of fear?

Imagine if it didn’t coordinate in our minds to paralyze us in our bodies, to confuse us in our minds.

Interesting. It’s just a frequency and with all frequencies, how you experience it is a matter of your perception of you.

If fear comes in and tells you in your logical mind that you are not capable of what it is that is expected of you going forward and it distorts your physical strength, how do you counter that?

Or do you just give in?

It’s challenging you now, many of you, in so many different ways, so pay attention. Pay attention to what’s going on around you as well because you’ll see it. You’ll see it in others that aren’t quite certain how we’re going forward, that aren’t quite certain how to get out of this trap.

Body, mind and soul.

Body, mind and soul who are you?

What do you believe that you are and where will you find your power?

How do we tip the scales in the other direction?

Think about that – body, mind and soul.

If your mind can believe in your soul, you are 2/3 of the way there, are you not, and that will most assuredly affect your body and your feeling of power and your ability to heal deeply.

Can we convince the mind that the power truly lies in the divine, that that wasn’t all just a story religions have tortured us with?

Because it is time and the reorientation of self is just this and your life is happening for you to define this for you, to concede power over to the higher power of you, the higher power in you.

There is a divine plan and it does include all of you, every single aspect.

So, use what you can to look in your logical mind for a pattern of unwavering faith in your divinity, of absolute certainty in the brilliance of the divine timing of the synchronicities occurring in your life. Fill your field with nothing but genuine appreciation for the mystery of life and look for it.

Look for it! Expect it – the magic in the mystery.

Expect the brilliance of your soul to manifest in your reality, not the limits of your fears.  
Each situation has an alternative experience that glorifies the soul.  
Every one that devastates the body, mind or ego offers a strength of character an ability to embody resiliency not otherwise available at that level.  
Every experience tells a story.  
When you are not all that you want to be, remind yourself that it’s not all that you are.  
That beyond the limits of your thoughts is an entire field of potentials available.  

Dream this and dream it BIG.

Intentionally create the image of a field in your mind before you go to sleep.

Intend on exploring the field.

Intend on meeting your loved ones.

Intend on finding treasures that you will bring back with you.

Intend that some of these treasures will show up in the most spontaneous ways throughout your days to glorify in your logical mind the truth of the divine nature of life.

Take the challenge. It’s not too spiritual. It’s not too woo-woo.

It’s a matter of practically pulling it together – body, mind and soul – recognizing we can’t pretend it’s not real, it doesn’t serve us.

The fear in the mind is because of patterns previous generations aligned in.

Each one knows when a loved one reaches through the veil and you get the sign, your soul leaps. Regardless of what the mind thinks, the feeling is undeniable.

More and more you will feel supported in the physical world by our friends in spirit.

More and more you recognize synchronicities that are just simply incomprehensible.

More and more you will recognize that the answers are already there as soon as you calm the fear.

That’s something you want to pay attention to.

How do we get through this moment?

One breath at a time.

How do we release the fear?

Immediately, as if there is no reason or purpose to give it one ounce of your energy, one moment of you attention because you have more important things to focus on, a greater effort to be made at calming the mind so the brilliance in the field can be found.

You are open now. You know it won’t always come in the same way. Once again, the soul won’t let the mind get comfortable. Complacency serves nobody but the ego.

Fear challenges you to be excited about something new, to be excited about exploring new potentials, possibly new areas of courage, possibly new strengths that you will soon uncover.

Isn’t that a wonderful way to look at it – not, "I don’t have it, so I can’t do it".

How about, "I can’t wait to see how my brilliant soul will bring me that awareness or that gift."

You have the ability to do this.

Think about how much faith you have given to your fear. Give it to yourself.

Love yourself enough to believe in your brilliance and let that be what creates that sense of wholeness which is the power and feeling of certainty that knows exactly who to be in every moment.

No fear, no thought, no projections or assumptions – just a true sense of purpose in the moment knowing the greatest purpose is to be open to the divine knowing.

There is no greater purpose in this moment on Earth than the human being standing in its own power, standing in its own truth, standing in a state of receptivity to one’s divinity.

How do you get off the hamster wheel of thought?

You stop it by choosing to believe that you are a divine being connected in a field of limitless awareness and it is yours to behold in intellectual stillness.

If you learn to think, you can learn to focus.

Choose what you focus on.

Chose a thought that supports believing in your divinity.

Choose a thought that will empower an experience of balance – body, mind and soul.

I AM Divine.

Now, there’s a thought that counters all fear, that counters all uncertainty.

I Am Divine.

Channeled 12/11/22

via Laura Mirante


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