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Powerful message for Moms about getting signs/messages from their children in spirit.

This is such a loving, compassionate, insightful message I received for a group of moms about connecting with and getting messages from their children in's the kind of channel you really want to sit with. Read it more than once and breathe in each concept slowly.

It will open doors in your mind...

You’ve each struggled with this – the inner knowing and the inability to rationalize it.

Maybe that is an issue.

Maybe it is not about rationalizing.

Maybe there is no reason, so to speak here, as far as reason is concerned.

Purpose is different, isn’t it?

And purpose is what we give over to our Creator,

the Source of life that understands the interconnected nature of all experience.

So, do go the distance in your mind there.

As you feel the grief of the illusion of separation that the mind creates remember that soul in spirit is telling you otherwise.

Remember that brilliant child that is larger than life now and looking to continue adding their brilliance and their love to your experience.

Remove them from your idea of what you believe they should be, of what you think they need to be for you, and explore with them who they are purposefully being defined as now.

Stay in your heart, dear ones.

Continue to focus.

Focus where you are focused.

When you find yourself in the fear and the doubt, in the grief and the longing and the desire, imagine what they are doing at that moment.

Imagine what they are feeling as they tap in to you and have the conversation.

Explain it clearly so that you can hear it;

That your mind has not yet fully embraced their new divine expression but your soul feels it and when the soul feels the connection the mind challenges the truth.

You are here exploring this sense of separation in the mind as the soul continues to try to bring forth the knowingness of the continuity of life, of the continued connection between us as souls and of our ability to communicate clearly because of that connection.

It does shift and change according to your experience, their experience and how you’ve allowed yourself to come into this acceptance of this new role, in this new goal, in this new definition of purpose.

Breathe deeply.

Be kind and compassionate with yourselves.

Never put a timeline on the growth of the ability to communicate between realms.

You are simply clearing the path with each thought that you question, that you advance in to a more positive reflection of our divine connection.

* Each time you do that, each time your mind says,

"I miss them"

you reply,

"well then, I have to go into my soul and find them.

I want to lay in wait in my heart to experience them,

not reiterate the distance in my mind but

close the gap by going deeper into the soul connection." *

It is awareness that brings you this opportunity to see the way the thoughts distract you from the connection.

It is in your power with every breath to be responsible for the moment and only the moment.

What you did yesterday is gone.

What you are doing tomorrow is for the divine to define.

Breathe kindly into your heart.

Breathe lovingly into your soul

and remind yourself that this is an exploration of being limited by a human mind that cannot comprehend our true divine nature and that is the nature of Faith in this world -

to take you places that the mind does not realize exists.

General Message from the Guides

Channeled April 5, 2020

by Laura Mirante


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