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Peaceful acceptance of what is as necessary and purposeful.

Sometimes it's difficult to make sense of things when a loved one dies and we aren't seeing the signs we think we should. This is insight channeled for a client looking for a clearer connection with her mom in spirit...

…when you find life creating opportunities for you step into them;

do not dismiss the relevance of any spontaneous injection in your life. It is an effort from spirit at creating a more open line of communication So stand back from the ego desires, the human desires and lets see what you are capable of experiencing.

There are many here in spirit supporting you in making this connection And it is possible for you to shift the dynamic by moving through your grief process without any low frequency human intentions.

The Guilt, any guilt, any self judgment of how you move through any of these processes – distract the awareness.

That’s where the unconditional acceptance comes in. Practice this process going forward.

Each and every day as you observe your thinking mind and as your thinking mind comes up with certain ideas and expectations of your life, of yourself and of others, in each instance confront that idea with the energy of peaceful acceptance of what is as necessary and purposeful

Peaceful acceptance of what is as necessary and purposeful

For when you tell your mind peacefully that what is, is necessary and purposeful, it begins to create a pattern that knows that whatever it is, is necessary and purposeful.

And that peaceful acceptance allows you to experience freedom, true freedom.

Take this challenge, for what you will see is the willingness of your mind to believe that and shift and when it shifts everything shifts.

Michael channeled 9/13/19 Laura Mirante

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