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Oct 12-2020 You are not walking alone Part 2

A Message from Michael for a group of moms about

their connection with their children in spirit

Channeled October 2020

through Laura Mirante

Over and over again, these brilliant souls bring waves of their existence into your reality, waves of their presence into your field, into your level of consciousness. Tempting you to acknowledge them, tempting you to recognize something familiar, a continuum, as if they’re hiding behind the veil, as if you know you know and you hear a deeper conversation but it’s faint. It’s far away. You want to fine tune it. You want it to be clear. You want them to step forward out from behind the veil. Yes, out from behind the veil. Why? So you can hear them better? No, so you can see them clearer.

It’s the first hurdle you want to confront here – that so far in this reality your ideas of acknowledging another is through a lens of perception of the five senses - you can see them, you can hear them, you can touch them. And you know in this moment in order to recognize the conversation you’ve got to stretch beyond those five senses. You now have to relearn how to rely on the sixth sense and it’s ridiculous to quantify that as a number for the “sixth sense” has multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, multi-realm potentials.

Those in spirit can be recognized without the need to conform to the limits of the five sense of logic, of physicality. It’s there. It tempts you to allow yourself to believe these other senses serve in a different way then what you’ve expected life to be.

Isn’t this that moment that you need to know you have those superhuman powers, you have those sub-conscious realms to explore? You have the depth of knowingness to guide you in that pursuit and it is the love that binds you that motivates the exploration of these channels of significant realization. That’s it. Think about that. Channels within you to the higher realms of existence where your loved ones entice you to explore. Every sign they get through says, “I’m here. I’m right here but beyond the limits of your five senses.” Every inner knowing asks you to explore a divine dimension of self. Yes, it asks you to close your eyes to the outer world, close your mind to the logical ideas of the physical reality and to explore what else you are beyond that, what else exists that you’re able to explore. You know right there they stand as your guardians, as your ambassadors, as your fellow adventurers. Let’s build the bridge together, they say. Let’s break down the limits of fear, they implore in you. Let’s challenge the intellectual structures that keep us from freely embracing each other, from willingly assimilating conversation. Where you know what you know is real and you watch your thoughts question it. You watch systemic programming creating doubts and you realize that you are able to step outside yourself and observe that because there is a soul illuminating through you a higher perspective of the situation.

It's like they will always be there showing you the other side of it, the more of it, and asking you to explore it with them. Always, always to bring you to a place of knowingness within you. That place of knowingness is where they can bring you their sense of knowing, their sense of adventure, their sense of reflection on your experience, a sense of guidance in a direction you can move in. You know it. You bring it there, right there, deep in the gut where the heart meets the physical realm, where the inspiration of the soul can be taken in in a way that is relevant to the human experience. That’s where they want to meet you and you feel it. If you let go of thought and you put your questions out there, they whisk by and drop it in, that sense of knowing, like a drop in the ocean of you. But if you pay attention you can focus there and if you focus there that drop can expand. Yes, it is overwhelming, isn’t it, a drop in the ocean? But it’s your drop, oh, and you know that drop well. Your reflection of that drop is you and that magnetic force between you brings you right there. There is no fear that they’ll be lost in the ocean. You’re one as souls, one energetic expression of divine love. That’s the magnetic force that will always connect you. It is only logic that will separate you on that level. So, you stay fully focused on that point of connection within and that point will expand because it is the point of culmination of intentions of your love and your children’s love and the divine love of Source that wills nothing more than to make this continuum of life relevant and to openly accept it in the human experience.


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