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‘Mom, I love you and I’m right here.’

In a small group of moms brought together by their children's passing one mom asks: Can I feel him? Can he touch me?

Touching is a different kind of thing. If you can let go of needing it to be a physical touch you can feel us touching you. It’s the goosebumps. It’s the hair that stands up on end. It’s the way you want to cry all of a sudden.

I want you to know it when I embrace you with love, you feel it so powerfully it brings you to tears. I know that your mind automatically says, ‘Oh, I miss him’ and that’s where I want to say, ‘No, no I’m right here.’

So when it comes out of nowhere, and you know that it does, and you are overwhelmed, that’s because I’ve just stood next to you and said, ‘Mom, I love you and I’m right here.’ What your mind says is, ‘Oh, my baby boy, I miss him. Oh, I wish he was here.’ I want you to change the words now to, ‘Oh, he’s right here, I feel him and I love him.’ I love you and always will. Channeled 12/20/19 Laura Mirante


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