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Modern mind's issue with Intuition

Modern day struggle with Intuition

"Look at it this way. When you receive an intuitive sense of knowing it has to work through the mind.

It has to come through that field of awareness that is inundated with logic and literal intellectual interpretations of being human, physical, and of being a soul.

So you have to think about how confining the intellect is. When it has an idea of what something is, it creates an attachment to that interpretation and as the intuitive awareness comes, which is more expansive than the literal interpretation, the logical mind takes this expansive awareness and tries to funnel it into its literal interpretation of what is and what must be.

Here is the struggle of humanity.

The higher aspect of self is asking the logical mind to expand its understanding of what is possible here in this physical world and the intellect itself, which relies greatly on the certainty of the mind, finds this offensive, almost to the point of complete resistance."

Channeled 3/29/16

Laura Mirante


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