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Message for a Mom from her Precious Baby Angel

"I felt more than most people will ever feel in their lifetime. I felt more love, more unconditional acceptance, more responsibility for being my truth than most people will ever know. I just want you to understand the way that I took life in I felt like I lived a lifetime in every moment. I felt like I experienced more life in my short time on earth than most people will ever live in their entire existence because I was alive when I was alive, because I was wide open and responsive, because I was curious and available, because I didn’t dismiss the relevance of any of it, because I always looked for more. That’s what it means to be alive. It’s not a duration. It’s not a timeline. It’s not about accomplishing or accumulating. It is about existing. It’s about experiencing. It’s about exploring and it’s about accepting...

...I am a brilliant soul. I’m endowed with wisdom beyond anyone’s idea of me. I know you can’t quantify it intellectually - the value of one moment of unconditional love - but I am and I’m telling you in my short existence on earth I lived more than most.

Never forget that. Never think anything other than that."

Channeled 12/16/19

via Laura Mirante


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