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Message channeled for a woman working through the loss of her sister that passed a year prior...

“…you and your sister are going to explore new ways of shifting the dynamic of you in this reality.

It is all a matter of releasing yourself from the frequency effect of grief so you may elevate the frequency to one of connectedness.

These lines of communication have always been there.

The intuitive connection between you and your sister has always been relevant.

Realize now the purposefulness of that and how you can expand on that and explore your divine Self…

So understand dear, this is the true healing process; this is where you make the connection so real that grief is an offense to your knowingness of her eternal existence.

We will put it to you in a way that will help you to understand.

If the roles were reversed,

if you were in spirit and your sister was in the physical,

you would stop at nothing to break the boundaries of logic down,

to dissipate the fear and allow yourself to be recognized, to be realized and re-experienced in a new way.

" Your mind can pretend she’s gone and as long as it does you don’t get to explore life with her in this new way. "

Because that is the only place where humans are separate, in their minds. All souls are a part of One dynamic energy. All souls are connected and all souls are a part of everlasting life force energy.

It is up to you dear to work through the inconsistencies in the mind.

The grief says, “I miss you” But the love says, “I honor you, I know you and I’m willing to know you now in a new way, in your new definition.”

You can take the physical entrapments away from the soul but the relevance of the energy of that soul still exists and coexists with you in this world.

It's all a matter of taking your sister out of the image in logic that confines her to that physical body.

Once you realize that, and once you know that that is who you are as well, you’ll feel freer than you’ve ever felt and more inspired intuitively and life will become an adventure!

Expect to be in wonder and awe on a daily basis at the way that she gets your attention…”

channeled 2/8/19

Laura Mirante


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