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Let’s see what we can do to manipulate the human mind to coordinate with the intuitive intelligence

Begin here in this moment, recognizing in you your divinity, recognizing in you your ability to transcend the ego environment you exist in, just in moments like these where you give the mind the reprieve from overstimulation, ego-oriented intellectualization and, yes, mental manipulation. It’s all there for you.

So you stop in the midst of all those thoughts, you stop and you clear the field by taking the breath, by holding the focus on the observation of those thoughts, on the experience of observing - not identifying with them, not feeling tormented by them, not feeling judged, ridiculed.

You have the awareness.

You are the awareness.

You have the awareness that you are the awareness.

Let that settle in and you will feel humor.

You will feel that inner excitement at the simplicity of that truth.

Let’s bring it all together here. Come on.

Let’s not keep it separate.

Let’s not put it into politics and religion and health care.

Let’s realize the Oneness.

Let’s explore health, well-being and illness in our Oneness and let’s see what we can do to manipulate the human mind to coordinate with the higher frequency intuitive intelligence.

That’s self-care.

You have an awareness of this.

It is more than a massage or a manicure.

It’s is more than the mantra, meditations even still.

It isn’t a platform for finding a connection to a divine authority somewhere out there.

It’s the inner journey that only the individual can define by taking it – taking that journey,

listening to that instinct, following those synchronicities that show up just for you.

That’s self-care.

Letting the light guide you isn’t just a nice fairytale notion.

You are the light!

Think of the trickery of the mind to distort that simple truth.

Simplify it. Make it simple and make it real, make it real now.

Everything is Energy.

In the cognitive, literal interpretation, energy can be seen as light.

It’s a nice, neat package to put it in and it works and it works well.

You know why?

Because it’s truth on so many levels.

Even the metaphors that can be conveyed assist in creating that mental platform of belief, of acceptance, of allowance and of receptivity of that higher intelligence.

You can’t think your way there, you see, that’s the frustrating part, isn’t it, for most of you - to come into Wholeness, to come into Oneness, to come into subtle submission of the intellect to the higher awareness based on a position of complete certainty in the purposefulness, usefulness and direct association of this higher awareness to your sense of wholeness?

Simplify it for the little mind that has to do the work to let go of thinking it’s in control.

If the little mind coordinates it’s role to disassociate from any sense of intellectual superiority it can then be the perfect vehicle for the integration of the higher awareness.

It can then be a mental processor that allows there to be a new creative expression of being made manifest which you, in this moment, experience in the now with these words, with the feelings you have each in your own locale, each in your own way having different feelings according to who you are energetically and the way these words take this frequency into your fields.

Which parts of the message touch you where?

Which words touch you?

Which words offend you?

Which words comfort you?

Which concepts fulfill you?

Feel that because there it is.

The feeling of knowing is the feeling of fulfillment.

The belief that that knowing is always there is peace of mind.

It’s simple.

It’s simple in the awareness that you are the field of awareness.

In every sense, in every instinct, in every internal and external dynamic is a coordinated part of a universal experience that you are an individual aspect of.

It all works perfectly together, doesn’t it?

You are here to explore the next level of wholeness the human mind and body is capable of exploring experiencing being.



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