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Just an inkling of a sense of a possibility...

“Do not fear change; do not define it in this low level of perception.

Be excited, for there is life beyond this shift; there are magnificent realizations and Divine connections to be made.

The energy, the spiritual foundation behind all existence, is creating this change and in this context, you can begin to feel safe and in the hands of limitless wisdom.

This is the same energy that has created photosynthesis, dolphin communication and turtle migration. These beautiful examples of Divine intelligence prove that there is wisdom beyond this world that can bring forth the most magnificent expressions of Divine energy.

The dolphins do not need an intricate educational system to learn to communicate with one another. The turtles do not need a map; they feel their way to their innate intelligence and this is what you, the human being, is being asked to consider.

Yes, dear friends, all that is required is consideration.

Just an inkling of a sense of a possibility, can allow this energy to move forward and become a part of this experience.

Rely less on logic; rely less on fear and look to be the energy of Faith and Hope for inspiration to create in this world.

All life is being asked to exist in a manner more consistent with spiritual intelligence, and although the human has defined itself as the predominately evolved species on earth, there are others here that can teach you the benefits in acknowledging our connection to the Divine and to one another."

Michael channeled 9-14-11

via Laura Mirante


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