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It takes a million dreams to piece together the story

It's not always easy to believe in the signs you receive from your loved one's in spirit even when you know you couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

Other people's skepticism and religious condemnation can weigh heavy on our ability to trust what we "feel" that cannot always be proven.

This is a beautiful message from a young man in spirit to his mom about keeping the Faith in what she knows she feels from him...

"I keep hearing you calling me. I keep hearing you, mom.

I really hear you each day, every day. It’s like a constant conversation.

It never stops and I appreciate that.

I think that’s where we need to focus.

I think that’s how we go forward.

I think the recognition between us is important.

The fact that you say things and I respond and you get it is important.

You don’t need to hear it in words. You know I show up, if and when I can, how I can.

You know it takes a million dreams to piece together the story, mom.

It’s going to take a lot more than one or two instances of this kind of connection for us to appreciate this constant communication but we’re doing it. We’re doing it in ways that are helping people understand it’s real. You and I have got something significant between us and it’s more than anything we ever thought.

This is growing, mom.

It is developing and expanding in both of us and I think it is important for us to realize that, to realize that where I stay in your heart is exactly where I need to be right now.

There is more to come and things I can do and people I can affect but right now, right here is where I need to be. What you are doing is establishing in your idea of me what we do with this. I know it’s different every day. I see that.

*** I also see that whoever you come in to contact with affects how you feel about this conversation. I want to say that to you clearly. Pay attention to that, mom.***

We need to stick with the positive thoughts and people in our lives.

We need to hold ourselves both accountable to that. I get it now.

I see the way those that we hang with affect who we are and how we experience life but it’s important, not that we judge them but that we appreciate the wisdom they bring us when they challenge us. When they challenge our truth all they are doing is asking us to strengthen our bond, to strengthen our connection and it works, doesn’t it?"

channeled May 2020

via Laura Mirante


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