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Intuition is your Divine line of communication.

Time for Authentic Living

There is a knowing, a sentient place in the heart, that links us all together.

This is that place where you can feel another's pain, or think of another, before they reach out to you. This is that place that on occasion, will give you a sense of something that has not yet occurred, or even in certain circumstances, will give you the exact information necessary to take the most appropriate action.

This interconnected level of energy, that is who we are as a collective, creates this experience and each of you adds your thoughts, your emotions, and your intentions energetically to this interconnected field all day long, every day.

Each of you has the power to affect this intentional field of creation, and each can choose how they will affect the collective everyday, all day long, by remaining focused on loving, selfless, hopefilled thoughts, for a future that honors each and every individual aspect of this magnificent collective; a future filled with joyful exchanges promoting collective intentions for peaceful acceptance and creative freedom. There is a need for people to believe that they are entitled to follow their dreams, their passions, and their inner most desires, for these are the workings of the soul.

This is the inspirational energy of the higher self working to awaken this sense of connectedness, within each individual. Listen, for the inner voice is the higher self talking through your heart; feel your way through your moments of confusion, for the mind knows only what it has been educated with in this life, but the heart knows you beyond this life, beyond this limited form.

Be open to this idea; That this inner passion may be exactly what you came to add to the collective. Listen for it, and be willing to act on it, for this is a time in history that has been created for this massive awakening of the innate recognition of our connect Connectedness is where we wish to focus your intentional mind, for if you can truly embrace this concept, then you can fully realize the benefits in selfless giving.

Find a way each day, to give of yourself with no expectation of reciprocation.

Be confident that the energy knows what you have given and can create the most magnificent method for reciprocation. This is a time for authentic living, a time to be excited, to be inspired, and to be creatively directed by intuitive inspiration. Believe that intuition is your Divine line of communication and it is filled only with Truth.

Channeled February 7, 2012

via Laura Mirante


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