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Insight on the increase in mass shootings from a gentleman killed in the Pulse Nightclub Massacre

Nobody is feeding the soul. Nobody is feeding the soul.

You know how you feed the soul is you help others.

It’s not about going to church and sitting there and putting money in a basket.

It’s not about getting on a mat five times a day.

It’s not about listing the characteristics you aspire to be, lighting candles or burning sage.

It’s about giving freely.

It’s about Faithfully walking through this world ~with~ Faith in the love, Faith in the power of being love in every situation. If that’s our goal as souls, we definitely have created a reality that challenges that.

So, why? Why, as we step closer to truth, does it get harder to exist?

Because that’s what mass shootings are expressing – how uncomfortable it is to be the way that we are.

Isn’t it weird to think that the way we fix this is so simple, so easy and so organic?

It’s our essential nature to be love, to support each other, to love each other through our challenges, to allow there to be a greater opportunity to progress as souls by willingly accepting an experience as a part of a group process.

Not as condemning another as being wrong for being who they are, not condemning yourself as being wrong for who you are.

You see it. We’re all beautiful souls here to prove that love and kindness really is the answer. Yet the mind, and the egos driven by it, continue to perpetuate the war mentality, the idea that there is an "us and a them" and we have to fight them.

It’s a pattern deeply engrained in societal thinking, intentionally so. We could say because of those evildoers that just want to own the world and on one level we’d be right but there is more to life than that.

And as much as we want to step in to that ego stance of rejection, that defensive posture of rejection and projection - which we’d be validated in - there’s another aspect of who we are and it’s that essence of our being, that energy of pure love that we all are, you know it when you look in the eyes of a baby. When you see pure innocence born into this world everything else is taught, everything else is learned, everything else is a combination of the experience and the willingness to hold on to the inner knowing, the willingness to stay attuned to the wisdom divine love inspires intuitively, the gut instincts, those pulls that drive us in moments of uncertainty, the divine within. That’s it. That’s what we are searching for – everybody.

We get angry at those who look like they are standing in our way, not realizing that it’s the anger that stands in our way.

The minute we let go of thinking we have somebody to blame, somebody to hate, somebody to project our sense of responsibility for our journey to love, when we get to that place, we have the opportunity and that’s what people forgot.

Anger is not the only response but people are confused and they’ve been taught to use violence as a projection of authority.

So, since they don’t know who they are and they want to look like they’re in control, a lot of this is a scream for help for people who are so lost, for souls that are so confused by the ego’s attachments to anger as an identity rather than as a process to move through.

The people are stifling themselves by taking these postures and validating them for others with these intellectual pursuits of superiority. Somehow, in our ideas of life the feeling of being superior over another gives us the illusion that we’re in control.

Here’s the tricky part.

There’s only one power in control of life, all life, and the illusion is the opportunity to recognize the difference between soulful truth/inner wisdom and human assumptions based on limited interpretations of what we are and what we’re capable of being here.

Imagine as a collective species, at least in this environment in this country, we want to release ourselves from this self-animosity.

We want to bring forth the love of others that heals our inner conflict.

Imagine that is our intention as souls as we integrate that desire energetically in this world, in this country at this time through all the individuals born, born of an archetype of being that will not let go of that inner knowing that we’re all connected and that acceptance is the way.

You are thinking, “Well, ~my friend~, you’ve lost your mind. That’s not what this country looks like at all.” Except yes it does because as that energy is seeded in this country it is bringing forth everything that needs to be moved out of the way to get there.

We have to see it to choose to change it.

We have to feel it intimately to really understand the need for change because of that lack of compassion we have as a community, as a country, instead of ‘All for one and one for all’ it’s ‘Me first’.

That’s not the intention set; that was never the reason we came to be here.

So, all the beautiful souls like myself that chose to be a part of the illumination are recognizing the call. We’ve all taken our positions and we keep giving humanity the opportunity to find that place of knowingness of the love we’re here to be to one another and to see the difference in what we are allowing our children to believe is normal. Why? Why else but to feed the egos of a few warmongering human beings that refuse to let go of control of the way people think.

I just needed to say it. I needed to feel heard. I want people to know and understand that everything changes the minute you choose to see it as a part of a process of finding our way back to our ability to love – to be love, to choose love and to see life through the eyes of love rather than anger and fear, judgment and self-isolation.

Channeled June 2, 2021

by Laura Mirante


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