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Imagine if we could know when we are alive what we know when we die.

This brilliant interpretation of death and grief from the souls point of view was channeled from a husband that passed suddenly for his wife.

Imagine if we could know when we are alive what we know when we die. Imagine if we can realize the game of life for what it is. And take those moments and say, “wow I’m feeling so sad, this grief is overwhelming me,” And just sit with it and honor it and say: ‘well that’s an emotion and it’s telling me something.’ So what is it telling me? Well it’s telling me: ‘that because my eyes can’t see him my mind doesn’t believe he’s still alive.’ It’s also telling me: “that even if I believe he’s still alive I want him here in the physical.”

So there’s a lot to it and I just want to say something and it’s so important that you hear this, when you start to work with your emotions like that when you start to pick them apart the most important part of the process is not to judge it.

I’m not saying not to be sad, I’m not saying not to feel grief. Just explore it; just go deeper with it I guess is what I’m asking you. You can do it with any emotion but this one’s an important one for us.

We love deeply so we know our connection is strong soulfully And there’s a misguided understanding about death in our society And so people in the physical that can’t see souls in the physical dismiss the relevance of those souls here. Over time they “get over” their existence – time heals all wounds right? But that’s not what this is about.

Making those strong connections in the physical is not to cause us pain when that soul leaves the physical body, it’s to strengthen the union, it’s to strengthen the awareness of the way the soul communicates so that at times like these you can use that awareness to know I am right there.


Imagine if we looked at death differently; If people weren’t taught to grieve the fact that their loved-one is no longer in a physical body but were taught to now reach higher to connect with them.

** What if they were taught that the next phase of the relationship was to

shift out of logic into love,

the energy where the real communication will be now? **

I can say that to you so clearly now but I never could have heard this when I was there.

Nobody could have told me that my mother’s death was there to promote my awareness of my inter-dimensional self.

But you’ve got to admit it - it’s done that for you.

Me, your parents, it all seems to push you in a direction that says,' figure out who you are as a Soul,' so we can keep going with this journey.

I never would have thought, but this is where we are and what I understand about life now is accepting it wherever we are, accepting where we are and using it. Using it as a challenge to know who we really are.

Of course I can say this now. Look where I am, look what I’m doing. This is me now, this is my existence now, this is my life now. I don’t want to say this is my death now it implies such a dark ending, but I’m a soul just like you’re a soul and I am confronted with this experience just like you are.

So of course you know I’m going to try everything I can to close the gap, to fill the void, to make things real for you.

I mean why else would we love each other the way we love each other if not to say:

“as the 2 souls that we are we can do this thing. We can hold ourselves accountable to who we are as souls and not lose ourselves to the fear of the human.”

I don’t blame you I understand you’re scared. I understand you want it to be different but I also understand that this is a part of our journey and I have a real sense now that everything does fall into place somehow, maybe not the place we want it to fall into but, boy when you leave that body you realize everything is perfect, isn’t that crazy to say but I’m saying it so clearly.

Its like nothing you’ve ever imagined. You can’t put it into words.

I know people try and I know people want to give you the image but I cant imagine trying to explain to you what its like to let go of every limit you ever had, of every fear you ever considered, of every thought that didn’t allow you to see the truth or to know the truth

I don’t know how to explain to you what its like to take off the mask and see yourself for the first time ever, ever for real because that’s what its like…

All of a sudden you see who you really are Not those eyes and those ears and that face and that body. You see all those feelings that you’ve ever felt, all of those desires you’ve ever had, all of that knowingness you dismissed as irrelevant. You see it all so clearly.


Is there light? Of course there’s light like nothing you’ve ever imagined.

Does it come in the form of your loved ones? Yeah, I guess I can say that. It’s like they each step in and let you know that they’re right here, right in it as a part of it and they all together begin to weave their energy into yours or yours begins to weave into theirs or I don’t know what I can say.

There’s an assimilation process where all of a sudden they’re not out there anymore they are a part of me and I’m a part of them and everything they are I am and everything I am they are and their awareness becomes available to me as easily as my awareness is.

I don’t know if words can do it justice because its an enormous moment of realization that takes you so far from anything you ever thought life was, where you can't imagine that that life was ever really real. So I guess the same way that you cant imagine where I am as real its hard for us to imagine where you are is real.

It’s an interesting conundrum isn’t it intellectually speaking to not recognize the illusion for what it is while you’re in the midst of it.

It appears that we’re all in the game on different levels.

It’s like that world collapsed into this world maybe I can say it like that. Where all of the physical boundaries of that world just dissipated but the energy of everything is still everywhere and I’m still in it.

Channeled 10-10-18 by Laura Mirante


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