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I Will Be the Thread of Hope

"This is what this time in history is for. This is why you feel the intensity so individually. It is because you are saying, "I am here and I am open to allowing my life to be a thread of hope, an energy of love, a committed expression of Oneness in an ocean of duality.”

So you ask, “Why is my life becoming so intense? Why is everything getting so intense?

Why can’t I feel comfortable in any given moment?”

It is because you said, upon your intention to incarnate:

"I will be the thread of hope.

I will fear, I will love, I will lose myself in despair.

I will find myself in Hope and I will do it all for the betterment of the human experience.

I will engage life as a physical being knowing all along somewhere beneath the surface of the experience

I AM the light.

I AM the love.

I AM the creative force of all life and

I AM here to create a sense of Oneness within my beingness that will ripple for the duration of the human experience.”

channeled by Laura Mirante


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