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I’ve had so many signs but my mind just won’t let me believe. What do I do?

This is the answer channeled in a group for a mom that receives signs from her child in spirt

There is a chasm between the ideas of the mind and the truth of the soul.

Settle in to that thought.

Really feel in to your concept of that – about what you’ve experienced in life.

Even prior to this moment, how many times has your gut given you an opportunity to shift your reality in a more positive direction?

How often have you experienced the intuitive guidance bring you to a place of certainty?

Think about the ways that coincidences happen and people randomly come into your experience exactly when they are meant to.

You see, there is a guiding force in this world.

There is a Higher Power.

There is a hierarchy to the kinds of experiences that you go through, through the course of your lifetimes.

What that means is that there is a certain amount of soulful wisdom that you are defined by before you are born in to an experience such as this.

That’s something to consider, between yourself and your child, that each one of you on a soul level had a sense of what it was you were engaging before you were born. You made a commitment to one another to hold each other in an energy of unconditional love to move through this experience.

There is divine awareness in the knowingness of the kind of connection that you each have with these children and it is significant to pay attention to that. It is relevant. In other words, if your connection wasn’t strong enough to bridge this gap you would not be in this situation. So, in this moment as you look at life through the eyes of logic, as you have been taught to in this lifetime, that logical concept of you challenges the soul connection that in essence keeps this energy thriving in you.

You want to understand that.

There is a part of you that is defined by this soul.

The essence of this child lives in you; the essence, the energy, of who they are - that has always existed in you.

Yes, an aspect of that essence expressed itself in physicality through you but the inner essence always remained.

That’s what we know. Whether the child was birthed through you or engaged in an external fashion, the essence of the energy of purpose between you remains at the core of your experience of you.

This is how you know intuitively when there is a shift in your child’s experience.

In the cases of adoption this is how two souls find each other.

It’s the magnetic charge within the core of their essence that pulls them toward each other in this reality.

Everything is energy.

Your mind contains everything in logical boxes that fit everything into a concept of a material nature.

This experience challenges that construct.

Your mind wants the child in its physical form and is challenged to honor the soul journey here.

It is that battle for control – what the mind wants and what the inevitable soul experience is.

It is up to you to struggle with what is, you see, in the moment where the mind declares and demands their physical nature. You can see that as a moment to release them to their true divine nature. In the moment where you allow them to be more than what your mind declares they must be, you open the door to experience that more.

Dear ones, think of it that way. They are not the limited experience you know of them.

They have now expanded in to an expression of themselves that has no fear, that is not limited by the conditions of the societies they were born in to. They now experience you in a newfound true expression and they want to share with you their true expression. It is a matter of understanding who you are as a human being, who you are as a soul and working your way in to a new pattern of thought that acknowledges that they are gong to feel different now because they are.

They won’t have the heavy layers of personality.

They will have the pure essence of innocence and truth.

So, it is a matter of releasing them in your mind from what they once were and asking them to show you who they are now.

That conscious choice to hold them in a present state of mind is a powerful magnetic force that says,

"I bring you forward in to my life now as who you are,"


"I place conditions on how I receive you according to who you once were."

You sit with this and over time it will shift your ideas and as you shift your ideas the energy of truth can be more fluidly engaged. That’s what this experience challenges you to confront in this world – the certainty of the mind of the ends that the illusion of death brings.

There is no end to the energy that we are.

There is no end to the energy of love that connects us.

There is no limit to the awareness that is available to you when you choose to look beyond the fearful limits of logic.

You are divine beings.

Your children are divine beings.

You are all energy and in that field of energy you can connect.

Channeled by Laura Mirante


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